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Smart Business, Financial & Marketing Strategies to Help YOU achieve Financial Freedom!

Some Examples Are ...

Mike Dillard's "Magnetic Sponsoring" -- Lou Abbott's "MLM-The Whole Truth" -- Rod Moore's "MLM Total System" + "Wealth Manifesto" -- Dave Sherwin's "Lighthouse Marketing System" -- Brad Weinman's "Attraction Marketing Blueprint" – Ann Sieg’s "The Renegade Network Marketer" + "SYSTEM" -- Max Stiegemeier’s "Success Blueprint" -- Kimball Roundy’s "The Spider Web System" -- Curt Johnson & Wendy Mills' "The Works Team" -- Ellie Drake’s "Net WEB Marketer" -- Paul Birdsell’s "Pay It Forward 4 Profits" -- Daegan Smith’s "Power Prospecting System" -- Tracey Montefort's "WTPowers" + "WaveTen" -- James Grandstaff’s "Instant MLM Squeeze Pages" ... Dale Calvert's "FreeRKCD" -- Kelly Reese's "Brilliant Income Club"  -- Johnathan Budd’s "MLM Mastermind System" -- Rod Moore’s "Attraction Marketing University" + "Freedom Duplicator" -- Networx's "Prosperity Central" -- Joe Schroeder’s "Million Mind March" -- Naxum’s "Sponsor Daddy" -- Mark Hoverson's "Info-Marketing Blueprint" -- and ..

M-O-R-E ... Jay Kubassek's "Carbon Copy Pro" -- COA Network's "iBoostBiz" -- Tim Erway's EMP ("Elite Marketing Pro") -- Gavin Mountford's "Networking Superstars" -- Brian Fanale's MLSP ("My Lead System Pro") --  Joel Therien's "Pure Leverage" ... Michael Price's "Power Lead System" + "Lead Lightning" --  plus: LSN ("Lead System Network") -- TCP ("The Conversion Pros") -- "MLM Rockstars" -- "The Mighty Giant" -- HSP ("Home Success Pro") -- "Empower Network" -- AIOP ("All In One Place") -- HBSA ("Home Biz Success Academy") -- MTTB ("My Top Tier Business") -- MOBE ("My Online Business Empire")  -- some "Traffic Exchanges" -- Kyle's & Carson's "Wealthy Affiliate University" - the "MLM Formula" -  "TCP ("The Conversion Pros") - "MLM-Recruit On Demand", etc., etc.


The Three (3) BEST - Although I do like what Wealthy Affiliate has - it's designed more for AFFILIATE Marketers - and they recommend for building a Website / Blog - whereas I happen to prefer WIX for these.

Obviously, the above listed systems are a bit like comparing "apples with oranges" - and it's true that some are not even around any more - but, in my own strong opinion - of all those that are - four (4) simply "outshine" ALL the rest of them -- PLS ("Power Lead System" [and "Lead Lightning"]) + MLM-Recruit On Demand (ROD) + TCP ("The Conversion Pros") + MLSP ("My Lead SYSTEM PRO").

Each has great leaders / superb technology / advanced training, etc -- but although these are similar in many ways -- there are a number of unique 'differences' between them.

Obviously, it is a matter of personal choice as to which one you might prefer. But for me personally, having used "all four" - my main preferences are -- MLSP ("My Lead System Pro") and TCP ("The Conversion Pros") at the moment - for a number of reasons (which I'll be happy to discuss with you in greater detail, should we chat. :>)

On this Blog Post, I'll review MLSP for you (I'll do a review of TCP on another Blog).

Let's Look at MLSP ...

MLSP - The Attraction Marketing / Funded Proposal combo, MY LEAD SYSTEM PRO, is considered by many leaders to be the TOP one - the “Google” of Internet [Attraction] Marketing Systems - The Rolls Royce of them all. Frankly, it is hard to disagree.

Not only does it provide "everything" a superior Attraction Marketing / Funded Proposal System should provide - it’s also a close knit community of six and seven figure earners, who truly care about the success of others. All of the education & training, which is ultra high quality, is provided by its members - all of whom are: Internet Marketers / Network Marketers / Affiliate Marketers - who are all very successful Online entrepreneurs.

A 1-TIER, 'Educational AFFILIATE Program'

It is important to stress that this is NOT an MLM, or Network Marketing business. It is a 1-level AFFILIATE program. MLSP does NOT conflict with, or compete against, an MLM or Network [InterNetwork] Marketing business -- MLSP was designed to SUPPORT one.

Key Features of MLSP

MLSP was designed to achieve two (2) main goals: (1) providing essential training and support in all aspects of Online marketing, as an EDUCATIONAL Platform ... (2) enable members to generate leads & cash flow 'while' mastering the skills needed to earn BIG.

Uses of MLSP

MLSP was originally designed for Network [InterNetwork] Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and Internet Marketers. Today, nearly 10 years later, it can be used effectively by ANY Small Business Owner, including Brick & Mortar Businesses (i.e. Health Professionals / Real Estate Agents / Attorneys / Mortgage Brokers / Financial Planners / etc).

MLSP can be used strictly as your own "Learning & Internet Marketing Center" - and/or as a powerful way to add significant additional income streams (via 'diversification') - by promoting & sharing it with others (as an Affiliate).

Entry Levels for MLSP

MLSP has all of the many features mentioned above, and more. It has two (2) different entry points: 1) at UNIVERSITY Level ($50/mo) - and 2) at MASTERY Level ($150/mo), both of which are sound (tax deductible) business investments - both being excellent.

Commissions with MLSP

MLSP pays out: on #1) UNIVERSITY ($15/mo) -- and on #2) MASTERY ($100/mo). In addition to the MEMBERSHIP commissions,, there are numerous commissions paid on the multitude of PRODUCTS in MLSP -- UNIV Level = 40% -- MASTERY Level = 100%

Weekly MLSP (Live) Webinars

Educational webinars, delivered by members of MLSP who have climbed the ranks using the exact system to find 'their' success. These webinars always offer an opportunity to put your questions directly at experts. You are not joining a program that expects you to figure everything out on your "own".

Every single Monday night - With MLSP, there is a “New Member Orientation” webinar that covers how to get your system up and running, leaving no stone unturned.

Up to (9) Weekly Webinars - You will never be "thrown to the wolves", and left to figure everything out on your own. There has been a global weekly webinar held every single Wednesday night  @ 9pm Eastern time, since 2008. And every single "recorded training" since 2008 (nearly 5000 of them) is available in the back office of the MLSP system (at Mastery Level). The MLSP training has often been referred to as the "Online Harvard University".

... MLSP System Campaigns

As an MLSP member, you are provided with a sizable collection of (pre-made) "high converting" capture pages for LEAD generation. This collection is always kept up to date, and is being added to frequently. You will be able to brand "yourself" as a leader, by providing valuable training that struggling marketers are looking for, on - how to generate LEADS + how to make MONEY ... two of the biggest struggles that plague ALL marketers. This is extremely helpful, especially if you are brand new to making money Online. NO website creation - NO need for ad copy creation - NO testing - NO tweaking ... just jump right in ... start promoting ... brand "yourself" as a leader in the marketplace.

MLSP Funnelizer ...

You are also provided with a simple-to-use, fully customizable, drag-&-drop Page & Sales 'Funnel builder'. This gives you the capability of creating your "own" Lead Capture Pages or Sales Funnels - for anything you want to promote.

It provides you with unique and very attractive, well-designed templates, which you can "customize" to your specific needs - or you can create your own from scratch. Templates are available for - Capture Pages - Thank You Pages - Webinar Pages - Download Pages - and full blown Sales Pages, professionally designed, to "convert" like crazy.

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