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NETWORK MARKETING - it's not perfect - it's just a BETTER way


RELATIONSHIPS - A Network (Inter-Network) Marketing biz (-vs- Affiliate Marketing / Internet Marketing / eCommerce Marketing) is a PEOPLE business ... it's a "relationship based" business model, where people actually do "talk" to each other

[at some point], and "support" each other - instead of just being "dumped into some Autoresponder" to be blasted every time a "new deal" is being promoted - with no personal contact, or TRUST factor built.

Personally, I much prefer the "friendships" way (built on CREDIBILITY). It has perhaps been best described like this ... a business model of "teachers, teaching teachers to teach".

MY OWN Situation - In addition to my running a busy Business & Financial Consulting practice (Arcom Financial), I've personally been involved, part-time, as an entrepreneur, in this (Network [InterNetwork] Marketing) industry for 30+ years - with some excellent [and some not so excellent!]

companies - and I experienced some real struggles - some successes - and some failures! - oh yes! :>)  As well, however, I gained a special "inside look" at the industry, as follows ...

ANMP - I've been active in the industry's 'professional association' for 4 years, having had the privilege of serving on their Board Of Directors, representing Canada ( - the Association of Network Marketing Professionals). ANMP is a global, non-profit, voluntary organization which serves to educate, protect and support every (Network Marketing) Field Affiliate / Associate / Rep, worldwide. This is a "different" body than the DSA (which primarily serves the Network Marketing "companies).

That 4 year ANMP experience enabled me an unusual opportunity to see the good (and the not so good) of the industry itself, of many companies, of company CEO's, of top industry leaders / marketing systems / products / compensation plans, etc. I feel it has put me in a fairly strong position to be able to "evaluate" these various sectors. The ANMP => Click Here


"The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it." - (Ray Crock, founder of McDonalds)


Some Words of Advice

Network (InterNetwork) Marketing is not "perfect" - NO (but show me any business / career / profession that is). And I truly believe that not "everyone" is ideally suited for the Network Marketing industry (any more than they are suited to being an entrepreneur or airline pilot).

Pyramid - Also, there are some people who would label almost all Network (InterNetwork) Marketing companies as illegal "pyramids". While there "are" (so-called) Network Marketing companies out there, that might "look" like they are legitimate, it is true that many are nothing more than "schemes, scams, or pyramids" ... so careful "due diligence" is  imperative.

Network Marketing is not EASY either -- it's SIMPLE, yes (and low risk) -- but it is not easy. In fact, building a successful business in this field can be tough -- it does take some HARD WORK, and some PATIENCE, and some knowledge of good (learnable) MARKETING strategies and a few PEOPLE SKILLS (in communication & building trusting relationships).

ENTREPRENEUR Mindset - Many people who come into Network Marketing do so from a JOB, with the mindset of an EMPLOYEE, where they "need direction, guidance, a schedule, a boss", etc. In 'Network Marketing' however, it's a whole different ballgame. YES, there is a high level of the 'best' training and support available, for sure - but in Network Marketing, suddenly, you do become your OWN boss - with NO "baby sitting" - and NO "hand holding" - yet, a ton of SUPPORT (IF it is a solid company, with good leadership, and tools, and it is chosen carefully).

Network [InterNetwork] Marketing - Advantages

When it's compared to "any" other business / professional model, Network Marketing has some enormous advantages ... it can enable average people - without large capital resources -- or a formal education -- or a famous bloodline -- but with a large DREAM, and a burning DESIRE + a willingness to pay the PRICE ... it gives ordinary [and extra-ordinary] people a real "chance" to achieve  total financial and time FREEDOM (a rarity). In other words, a way to truly - OWN YOUR LIFE.

Understanding '(3) POWERFUL FORCES' at Play

I've found that many Network Marketers have not taken the time (or ever had it explained clearly) to fully understand the real P-O-W-E-R of three (3) forces in Network (InterNetwork) Marketing that work together "simultaneously" ... Leveraging +

Compounding + Residual [recurring] Income -- which is  largely "passive" -- coming in regularly, whether YOU are at work, producing it - or not. These (3) forces alone, are something that NO other business, or career, or profession has. In harmony, they create a powerful "synergy" that is unstoppable.

Network [InterNetwork] Marketing - DOWNSIDE

Many (most) companies in this industry still need to improve in a few areas, such as -- totally "separating" all Retail CUSTOMERS from the MARKETERS (Reps / Associates) -- having "no incentives" attached to the product purchases -- having "no forced monthly product autoships" (no "pay to play" requirement) -- putting CUSTOMERS "first" - and giving them a "delightful" experience (as Amazon pledges).

They also need -- to do away with any "inventory purchase obligations" and/or "costly start-up packs" (in order to qualify for the higher pin levels, etc) -- to get rid of some of the HYPE, and any false promises -- to soften their P&Ps (Policies & Procedures - the 'legal agreements' we must agree to), in order to bring them into this 21st century - as true, and respectful, "business partnership" agreements - between corporate and field Associates.

Such changes will also please the regulators (FTC / SEC / FDA / RCMP) + help bring about a more progressive industry.

In two recent cases, the FTC (the US 'Federal Trade Commission') consumer protection agency had success in demanding positive changes from 2 well known Network Marketing companies - VEMMA - and [industry giant], HERBALIFE. All companies who are 100% in COMPLIANCE with the regulators will always be below the radar.

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