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  • You have the right to make a ton of money, even IF you are in the service of people. If you have an incredible service to give others ... you have the right to make as much money as you can. This is perhaps one the most important paradigms to shift. Unfortunately, too many people believe that, if they offer a "service, that helps another soul", they should be giving it away for FREE. Not true! You are just as deserving as someone who makes smart phones for folks, or the person who invented streaming Netflix!

  • If you believe you will never have enough money - you will never have enough money. What you focus on the most gives you exactly "what" you focus on the most.

  • If you really believe that abundance IS available to all, you WILL end up attracting your own abundance.

  • If you don’t pay attention to your money, you'll have no idea where it goes. If you want your relationship with money to improve, you must pay it some attention. Think of it like a marriage ... stop ignoring it and start appreciating it. :>)

  • NO one is going to make you rich. NO one is going to discover you, or fix you. YOU have to put the hard work in - and know that you are "deserving" of financial success.

  • MONEY is something that can always be made. Good HEALTH, on the other hand, cannot always be made.

  • Stop 'denying' that money is important. In the economy we live in, money is important. You want shelter, food, clothes, health care? You get a tooth infection, and need the dentist? You bet you (we) need MONEY!  By denying that MONEY is important - you remain with little of it.

  • Developing a healthy relationship with money is critical if you are someone who wants to attract more of it. Continuing an "unhealthy" relationship with MONEY is a choice - it might even be a bit of a cop-out. Even if you just want enough money to survive, and to occasionally take a little vacation - adopting a healthy relationship with money becomes imperative to achieve that.

  • Lean on your spouse, or significant other, for guidance and support, or find a family member, or close friend, that you can talk to about your relationship with money. Try to find ways you can shift your money mindset from negative to positive - and move on.

If there is one piece of advice I can give you about your relationship with MONEY - it’s this ... it’s never too late!

Once you and your concept of MONEY are "solidly connected" - may your relationship with each other last a lifetime! :>)

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