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Although this Website / Blog focuses on the VIRTUAL WEALTH Formula (and Lifestyle), can we really have WEALTH - without having good HEALTH? The answer is NO - in fact, our "greatest" Wealth IS our HEALTH!

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Let's face it - our H-E-A-L-T-H (and the health of our loved ones) is our most precious asset on planet earth. Absolutely nothing is any more important than GOOD HEALTH - nothing - nada. Period.

All the toys, riches and wealth in the world are worthless => if we lose our HEALTH.

Some will argue that "money" can buy our health - I would disagree. It might "help" in getting access to certain medical specialists - but it is critical to understand that our health and wellness is largely in our OWN hands (at least with "chronic illness").

And when it comes to the best possible outcome for our well-being - we will be best served by forming a close "partnership" with a FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE practitioner - one who takes a "holistic" approach to his/her patients - including the important role of NUTRITION - and addressing the WHOLE PERSON - to learn of the "root cause" of any illness or disease (-vs- treating only the "symptom" - with drugs & procedures).

Here's the REALITY ...

HEALTH CRISIS! - One of the most respected holistic health, medical & nutritional experts in the world is Dr. John McDougall, MD ('Google' him, to see his website, his best-selling books, eCourses, videos, recipes, food programs, educational / wellness retreats, discussion boards, forums). Dr. McDougall has been successfully treating, and healing, patients for 40-years+ ... with "miraculous" results ... yet he says ...

"We are in a health crisis! The SAD (Standard American Diet) - is making people SICK, and FAT!"

CHRONIC ILLNESSES - Heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, parkinson's, colitis, dementia, etc - these are ALL increasing - they are among the most costly. BUT, as Dr. McDougall stresses, they are also the most "preventable" of chronic illnesses - when addressed in an HOLISTIC way ... by treating their CAUSES (-vs- only the SYMPTOMS, as most MDs do) ... through a proper D-I-E-T, and other Lifestyle Changes. Often, they can be "reversed" as well - again, through correct nutrition (not expensive drugs & medical procedures) -- CLICK HERE

He says it is simply a matter of "giving the body what it needs" -- and then just "getting out of the way". His success record, with treating thousands of patients, is undisputable. Yet shockingly, some people would rather stay "sick" (or even "die") than give up their most FAVORITE food 'poisons'.

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NOTE: What follows is totally "personal" -- it's "my own call", after doing exhaustive research and study on PLANT RICH, HIGH CARB--LOW FAT, WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION (greens, fruits, veggies, starches, grains, seeds).

You may wish to skip it - especially if you're a PALEO / KETO / ATKINS / LOW CARB--HIGH FAT advocate (like I was), who loves animal, fish, dairy & poultry products (like I did) - even though we both know that "processed foods", and "GMOs", and "fast food outlets" are toxic, and bad for our health. I encourage you to read what follows here anyway, because I do believe it could be valuable for you. Nevertheless, please know I totally respect, and honor, your decision.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Diseases "Reversed"? - To give you a sense of how "powerful" this really is - on his website, Dr. McDougall profiles many "health success" stories - actual cases, with real names [and their pictures] - of clients / patients who, by switching to his (now famous) MCDOUGALL DIET (about Plant Rich / Starch Centered / Whole Foods) - have truly "healed" their chronic illnesses & diseases,

They've gotten rid of their toxic DRUGS, and are now living healthy, productive lives.

These illnesses, that were healed, by patients following his 'Starch Centered', Plant Rich, Whole Food DIET - [fully laid out in his excellent "Color Picture Book" - on FOOD POISIONING] include ... IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) / Crohn's / Colitis / Celiac Disease / Rheumatoid Arthritis / Osteoporosis / Psoriasis / Obesity / PSA / Heart Disease / Endometriosis / Breast Cancer / Lupus / Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue Synfrome / Prostate Cancer / Type2 Diabetes / MS / + + .

How About Just 'Cutting Back'? - Some will think his DIET is just too radical for them, because they have already become addicted to these "poison" foods (as he calls them). Whereas Dr. McDougall, Dr. J. Fuhrman, and others, say NO to animal flesh, dairy, oils, poultry and processed foods - other medical nutritionists suggest a "gentler" way:

... to simply CUT BACK on meat, dairy, fats, etc. - at least initially.

Example: Highly respected physician & nutritional expert, Dr. Pam Popper, PhD, ND, in her book - "Food Over Medicine" [ CLICK HERE ] tells her patients this. And see HERE.

Bottom Line - Modern diseases CAN be "prevented" - "halted" - and often "reversed" - by leaving ANIMAL foods - DAIRY products - POULTRY - OILS - and PROCESSED foods OFF the plate ((or at least, by "greatly reducing" our intake of them)) … and by adopting a (primarily) WHOLE FOOD, PLANT-BASED diet [of greens / fruits / veggies

/ grains] ... along with 'healthy' STARCH foods [peas / beans / rice / [lots of!] potatoes / pastas / corn, etc].

The Bigger Question ... is it better to take "expensive" chemical DRUGS ((and to feel miserable, from the awful, toxic side-effects?)) ... and/or to undergo SURGERY ((and risk a possible "bankruptcy"?)) ... rather than be well, or be healed, by simply changing the F-O-O-D we eat? I think NOT. Instead of - living to EAT ... we should be - eating to LIVE ... there's a B-I-G difference. But that doesn't mean we can't "cheat" occasionally.

Addiction - Breaking any addiction is not easy (including "junk food"). Two excellent books dealing with this whole area - CLICK HERE.

What if Family / Partner / Friends do NOT "Support" You? - Yes, this will most likely happen, at least in the beginning (it certainly did [and still does] for me!). Some TIPS that might be helpful, in pursuing a Plant Rich, clean, Whole Food Diet -- CLICK HERE.

OUR Part - It's a two-way street, because WE, as health consumers, need to play an important role in our "own" health and well-being.

We need to "take more control" of our OWN wellness -- by "expanding" our thinking from our "old" beliefs -- by lowering (or better yet, avoiding) our HEALTH RISK lifestyle behaviors -- such as too much animal flesh, dairy, eggs, oil, fish, chicken, pork, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, toxic chemicals, etc.

Instead, we need to embrace less stress, more exercise, more rest, healthier nutrition, dietary supplementation ("whole food" ones only), better lifestyle choices -- all of which WILL lessen much of the illness, suffering, and early deaths related to the epidemic of chronic diseases and conditions (and help rescue "planet earth" in the process - but that's 'another' story! :>)

Plant-Based WHOLE FOOD

When you do deep research and analysis on the single best way to prevent disease (or reverse it), you'll discover the answer comes from Mother Nature herself ... "not" from DRUGS, PROCEDURES, SURGERY and CHEMO. You will soon discover that, if you strengthen your IMMUNE system first (80% of which is centered in the G-U-T) - via a proper D-I-E-T [of plant-based / starch-centered Whole Foods] - you will enable your body to exercise its own God-given ability to largely "heal itself".

See what the 'research' is proving - CLICK HERE.

(Video) - Here's another [of thousands of similar groups] - 'Plant Pure Nation' - focusing on this issue - CLICK HERE.

Stress - Our health (or illness) is 'greatly' influenced by the forces of - emotional stress - environmental toxins - our lifestyle choices (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc) - our nutritional input (plants / veggies / fruits / starches / berries / seeds) - and other critical factors.

DIET - Basically, a healthy diet consists of whole, natural foods (organic, whenever possible), little to no added refined sugars, moderate (Himalayan) salt intake, avoidance of trans fats, and low saturated fats / intake of omega 3 fats - and lots of fiber (both the soluble & insoluble kind) - and ideally, little meats / fish / poultry / oil / dairy products.

In Harmony - We are all creatures of "Body, Mind, and Spirit" - and when we are able to attend to these levels "simultaneously" - we can all greatly improve our WELL-BEING

- by shedding excess pounds, increasing our energy, enhancing our digestion, and more - to feel rejuvenated, inspired, and empowered. However ...

7 to 13 Servings / Day? - Nutritional experts now tell us we "need" 7 to 13 servings "per day" of GREENS / FRUITS / VEGGIES (7 to 13)! Well, most families fall far short of this requirement. IS there a "solution"? --- YES.

For those of us who have been fortunate enough to dig deep and truly 'study' DIET - and who have found the strength to eat correctly (it is not always easy!) - we know positively, that proper nutrition - along with the right dietary supplementation - "are" major KEYS to vibrant health. To help 'convince' you, check these sources:

Practitioners - Here's a tiny sample only, of famous, highly respected, Holistic Health Professionals who are practicing FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE, and who now specialize in Nutritional Health for their grateful patients: Dr. Neal Barnard, MD -- Dr. Dean Ornish, MD -- Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD -- Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, MD -- Dr.Joel Fuhrman, MD-- Dr. Thomas Campbell, MD -- ((Dr. John McDougall, MD)) -- Dr. Richard Oppenlander, DDS -- ((Dr. Pam Potter, PhD, ND)) -- John Robbins -- you will see 'truckloads' of proof. Watch CNN interview (Wolf Blitzer) with Drs. Ornish & Esselstyn + President Bill Clinton.

In Canada, and other countries, you may need to "dig deep" to find Health Practitioners who can 'measure up' to these USA based MEDICAL-NUTRITIONAL experts. But at least you can find some wonderful RECIPE BOOKS over on Amazon, from many of those listed above.

FAT and SICK! - The vast majority of North Americans (and sadly, many of our Health Practitioners) - who build their meals around red meat / fish / dairy / eggs / oils - simply end up "fat and sick". A short video that looks at this - CLICK HERE.

ALL of the 'practitioners' mentioned above treat their patients holistically, by first, searching for the "root CAUSE" of their illness, and using NATURAL protocols (-vs- simply "treating the SYMPTOMS", with harsh prescription DRUGS, etc). An excellent video on "Nutritional Medicine" by Dr. Campbell, MD - CLICK HERE.

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