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Q: Do You Really NEED => a B-L-O-G?

How many times have you heard that you “have” to do this or that to succeed online?

You have to have a LIST ... You have to have a BLOG ... You must be on FACEBOOK ... You have to OUTSOURCE ... You have to PAY YOUR DUES ... You have to WORK LIKE A DOG ... etc?

Q: Do you really HAVE to do any of these things? A: NO - of course not!

But - if you truly want to achieve both TIME -and- MONEY FREEDOM - then, some of them will matter.

For example, there is no doubt that people with a LIST of their own spend less money on advertising, and make more sales too ... than people who only rely on advertising for e-traffic. Settled question – the proof is indisputable.

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But what about a Website / Blog?

Do you really NEED this - to succeed with an Online business?

First, let's look (randomly) at some of the things a Website / Blog can DO for you:

1). - SQUEEZE Pages - You can create "unlimited" Squeeze Pages with your own site -- for FREE. And you "need" a Squeeze Page (which is an Optin Page) ... to build your Lead L-I-S-T ... and for every product / service you wish to promote Online.

2) - MEMBERSHIP Sites - You can run Membership Sites with your own site ... and 'Membership' Sites mean potentially, more Passive Income for you.

3) - L-I-S-T - You can build your own eMail LIST from a Website / Blog ("the "money" is in the List!) ... and with your own List, your "advertising costs" could drop to zero!

4) - SOCIAL MEDIA - You can grow your Social Media 'presence' with your own Site / Blog ... just put Social Share Buttons on your site (and on all your Blog Posts). Once done, people can then "find" you easier too.

5) - CREDIBILITY - You can establish AUTHORITY & TRUST with your own site (it's critical for people to "know / like / trust" you, before they do business with you) ... and when you publish helpful content, this will begin to happen for you.

6) - REPUTATION - You can develop your Online Reputation, because as your site grows, so will your BRAND. It's all about building Trusting RELATIONSHIPS.

7) - TRACK ADS - You can do all your Ad Tracking (for FREE) from your site. This is critically important, as it enables you to utilize the "best" places to invest your Online advertising dollars.

8) - Create AWARENESS - Having your own Website / Blog can help you ATTRACT your (targeted) audience, and keep them interested. It can be a real game changer in the process of building brand "awareness". People will come through an Online search, or Social Media, and once they land on YOUR Website / Blog, they can learn all about - your brand - what you do - your beliefs - your expertise - your story - your core values, etc. Your useful content (Educational + Entertaining + Encouraging + Engaging) ... and your helping people, with smart SOLUTIONS to urgent PROBLEMS ... makes them stay longer - and come back for more.

9) - EXPAND Your Reach - You can extend your "reach" with your own site ... by hanging out in FORUMS ... by sending out eNEWSLETTERS ... by doing PODCASTS ... by releasing VIDEOS ... by using in your E-MAIL SIGNATURE ... by mentioning in your WEBINARS / - on & on. Often, this will result in you INSPIRING & EMPOWERING "others" (a nice gift - one that can help you embrace your own true PURPOSE)!

10) - REVENUE - You can develop "multiple" - recurring - Online PASSIVE INCOME streams (monetization) by having your own site. For example, you can add Affiliate links (that will pay you ... often with "recurring" cash flow ... when people purchase a product or service from them).

11) - SKILLSET - Having your own Website-Blog ... and constantly producing helpful "content" ... will make you a better THINKER ... a better WRITER ... and much better ORGANIZED, over time.

12) - CONFIDENCE - When you have your own Website-Blog, you receive quite a "rush" with every positive comment. There’s a good feeling that accompanies the immediate positive feedback that you receive every time a reader posts a comment, shares your writing on Facebook, or tweets it out to their Twitter followers.

13) - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - The more original (high value) CONTENT ("content is KING") you produce on your site, the more likely you will improve your SEO rankings. When people type in a phrase or term in Google Search - and it has to do with what YOU offer - they see YOUR Website / Blog - and they might purchase one of your offerings. And in the process you'll MEET new people!

14) - BACKLINKS - Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage (Website and/or Blog). When a webpage links to any other page, it’s called a backlink. Generally, backlinks can be a major metric for the "SEO ranking" of your Website / Blog. Having a "lot" of these (relevant) backlinks has ranked a site higher on all major search engines in the past, including Google. This is still true to a large extent today ... and they can help you get faster "indexing" ... as well as "targeted referral traffic".

15) - GUEST POSTS - With your own Website / Blog, you can invite "others" to Guest Post on your Blog (different from the 'Comments' option). Many successful bloggers do this, as long as the topic is relevant. This brings a fresh personality to your Blog – and it helps fill in the gaps during those times you’re fresh out of ideas for a new Blog post.

16) - INTERACTION - Having your own Website / Blog means you can "receive input" (comments) from viewers ... a very powerful "relationship builder". A WEBSITE ONLY, on the other hand, is more "static". Today, a good Website also "contains" a Blog (such as my own [] site).

17) - CONTROL - A Website / Blog can become the "cornerstone" (or HUB) of all your marketing efforts. One big reason ... it "belongs" to YOU. You OWN it. You see, Social Media Accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wordpress.COM (not ".org") - and so many others -...are just that ... they are ACCOUNTS only ... they do NOT "belong" to you ... you have NO control over their functionality - and more so, over their policies.

One wrong move and you can lose your account - GONE - just like that (has happened to "many")! Does that mean it's likely to happen to YOU? Probably not, but having a self-hosted Blog (or Website-Blog) is like having a little piece of "Internet real estate" that NObody can take away from you. Better to be safe, than sorry.

Bottom Line

YES - If you really want to succeed with your Online Business(es) ... you DO need your own WEBSITE / BLOG ... perhaps not immediately ... but certainly, as soon as you can.

The BIGGER Picture

This Website / Blog addresses both the "Basic Version" - and "Version (#2)" - of the Virtual Wealth FORMULA ... leading to the Virtual Wealth LIFESTYLE of complete FINANCIAL FREEDOM. In "Version (#2)" ... we include a BLOG (see in this diagram):

Integrated - You'll see that a BLOG ... along with an Online MARKETING SYSTEM ... and an Online HOME BUSINESS (of the right kind)... all work together - in "synergy" - to build your eMail L-I-S-T (which becomes your biggest single BUSINESS ASSET).

Understanding this - and implementing it - will truly "separate" you from the huge crowd of "me too" Online entrepreneurs out there. You will be "different" - so will your success!

Looking at all this ... [in Version (#2)] of the Virtual Wealth FORMULA:

WEBSITE / BLOG - Yes, having your "own" Website / Blog, as a vital component of the Virtual Wealth FORMULA [in "Version (#2)" above] ... will greatly multiply your chance for attaining the Virtual Wealth LIFESTYLE ... which means getting 'recurring' streams of PASSIVE INCOME - and enjoying FINANCIAL FREEDOM & HAPPINESS in future.

(( Important - Please remember that, for this FORMULA to work at its "ultimate" ... you must also incorporate GOOD MANAGEMENT of PERSONAL FINANCES ... total DEBT ELIMINATION ... and the right FINANCIAL MINDSET.

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