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The Importance of a => WEALTH 'MINDSET'

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

(Often, the MISSING LINK in the Quest for FINANCIAL FREEDOM!)​


This website, and many of its Blog Posts, are pretty much centered around achieving a Virtual Wealth LIFESTYLE.

This is accomplished by following the Virtual Wealth FORMULA ... to become a CASH FLOW Millionaire ... with multiple streams of recurring, Online PASSIVE INCOME ... via (Home) Business Ownership and Attraction Marketing strategies.

Now, there are many different (so called) FORMULAS for achieving Wealth ... it's just that I (we) believe fervently, that "ours" is the smartest! :>)

However - - -

Of equal (perhaps "more"!) importance is ... "having a WEALTH M-I-N-D-S-E-T" ... and that's what this Blog Post is all about - - -

Developing a WEALTH MINDSET - As we say, and will continue to say, time and time again ... MINDSET is everything.

The first, and possibly the greatest, step to attaining FINANCIAL FREEDOM ... and achieving your ultimate goals ... starts with the M-I-N-D ... which is the one thing over which WE have total, and complete, CONTROL.

Yes ... MINDSET is everything ... and R-E-A-D-I-N-G (good books!) is one of the best, and easiest, ways to help "discipline" the mind.

One of the favorite excerpts from Napoleon Hill’s great book - "Think And Grow Rich" (the mindset BIBLE) ... lays out the SELF CONFIDENCE Formula - - -

“I know I have the ability to achieve the object of my Definite Purpose in life. Therefore, I DEMAND of myself persistent, continuous action towards its attainment, and I here and now promise to take such action.”

When you have a clear vision of your goals and dreams, you can take ACTION with an unobstructed mind ... and give "everything" you have to achieve them.

Having no doubts in your mind is critical to working smart and effectively. When you can clearly picture the object of your desire, you can move towards obtaining it with absolute certainty in your actions!

Napoleon Hill outlined this dreaming as one of his critical Principles of Success ... the principle of DESIRE - - -

“Behind this demand, for new and better things, there is one quality one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it. To accomplish this requires a practical dreamer who can, and will, put their dreams into action.”

Notice the second sentence - it's what sets apart the successful from the unsuccessful - PRACTICALITY.

Most people go through life dreaming, but how many people actually are practical dreamers doing everything they can to put their dreams into action?

Hundreds, thousands, millions? I’m sure the number is smaller than you would actually think.

DREAMING is easy ... but taking the leap to put that dream into ACTION ... that’s what is hard. Every successful entrepreneur has to take a "leap of faith" at some point.

Just when you take that leap - that’s up to YOU. If an "entrepreneurial life" is not for you, create your own path ... find a way to keep your (corporate) job ... but still work to attain Financial Freedom and WEALTH while doing it. There are many, many ways you can attain Financial Freedom - while you keep your job / career ... but note this ...


Let's Look at Some BASICS:

(Here are [10] TIPS for Developing a W-E-A-L-T-H Mindset)

(1) Truly Believe You DESERVE Wealth - You have to believe that you deserve it. If you don’t believe, you will overlook untold opportunities. If you do NOT believe that you deserve wealth, you will sabotage your own efforts. If you are wanting to attract wealth, but don’t believe you deserve it, it’s like driving a car, while pressing both the gas and the brake at the same time. It doesn’t work. :>)


(2) Develop an “Opportunity Consciousness” - Look around and begin to ask yourself, “How can I add more value? How can I make things faster, easier, quicker, less hassle, more fun for people? How can I make money solving this challenge? What can I do to solve this problem and make money doing it?” The bigger the problem you solve, the more wealth will pour into your life. The more you serve others, the more wealth you will achieve.


(3) Organize Your Life to Matter More to Others - The more you make your time and life valuable to others, the more wealth you will have. Period. End of story. Organize your life to "matter more". Develop more valuable skills ... network more often with high achievers ... focus on serving people.


(4) Surround Yourself With the Right People - Author, W. Clement Stone, said ... "You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you toward success - or are they holding you back?"

When you surround yourself with people who build you up you have a much greater chance of achieving your goals. One way to do this is to Join a Mastermind Group.

It has been said that the "5 people you spend the most time with directly influence your wealth, health, habits and relationships." Successful people surround themselves with people who inspire, challenge and motivate -not drag you down with negative attitudes, lazy habits and low aspirations. If you want the success you deserve in your life and to live the lifestyle of your dreams, the key to unlocking the door to a life of wealth, great accomplishment and self-satisfaction is to mastermind with those who also desire the same things in life, and are on their way to achieving it.


(5) Begin to Think in Terms of PASSIVE INCOME - Develop passive income as soon as possible. Passive income is something you do once and get paid multiple times for it. It’s the real secret of the rich. If you are always selling your time in exchange for money, your income is limited because your time is limited. I cannot emphasize the importance of passive income enough.


(6) VISUALIZE Wealth - Visualize yourself as making a high income, with a strong net worth position (or whatever the definition of wealth is, for you). Visualize total Financial Abundance flowing toward you. There really IS total abundance. You can tap into it. It’s there for the taking.


(7) CHANGE Your Current Vocabulary - Cancel out "negative" thoughts. Vigilantly guard your mind as to what kind of ideas you put into it. If you put garbage into your mind, you’ll get garbage results. If you have great ideas, you’ll get great results. Monitor your internal dialogue, and monitor what other people are saying to you ... especially about money matters, finances, and wealth. If they are dead broke, run away as fast as you possibly can. If they’re mega-wealthy, pay attention and hang on their every word!


(8) Think About Money as ENERGY - When you pay out or receive money, it’s really a measure of the value of the energy you’re exchanging. If you’re getting $20.00 an hour, you’re saying that the energy you’re putting out, to create the VALUE you’re providing, is worth $20.00 an hour. If you want to make more, figure out how to raise the ENERGY you’re putting out ... and how to deliver more VALUE to others, at the same time.


(9) Practice Good Personal Financial Stewardship - This begins by "spending less than you earn" each month (tracked by a BUDGET) ... which in turn, should give you a "confidence" boost. Next, burn your Credit Cards ... because too much personal (non-tax-deductible) DEBT can become a monster. Doing this will "empower" you. Finally, always, always, be sure to "pay YOURSELF first". These rules will help you reach your Virtual Wealth LIFESTYLE faster.


(10) Appreciate What You Have - You are trying to train your brain to think the way you want it to, so you need to be grateful for everything you have. Finding "appreciation" for things will put your mind in a better state all around, and more ready to tackle whatever obstacles it faces. And you WILL face obstacles as you chase your (wealth) dreams.

Take the time each day to appreciate what you have ...;write it in a list if you feel more comfortable. Things like your house, your car, or even the fact that you get to eat 3 or more meals a day - because a lot of people don't get to enjoy those things at all!

If you really take a look at your life, you will find things you should be very grateful for - but that most likely have been taken completely for granted - until now. Finding these things to appreciate, and more importantly actually taking the time to appreciate them, will help train your brain.


(Bonus :>) Put Your Plans into ACTION - To really train your brain, and see the fruits of your labor, you will need to put your plans into "action". You must do more than talk about them, you must DO them. Sitting around thinking is not going to change anything, so get out there and really start the work.

Training your brain to think wealthy is a great and important factor in your success; but again, if all you are doing is "thinking" and/or "talking" about it - and not actually "doing" it - then you're just going to see yourself right back at where you started.

List down your goals (demands) ... make your plan of action ... commit to following through ... until you have achieved your objectives => the Virtual Wealth LIFESTYLE.


FREE eBook - "The Financial Freedom Formula" (by multi-millionaire, top entrepreneur, author, coach, Monty Campbell):

Monty gives an in-depth review (with his winning Formula) of what it really takes ... in terms of a MINDSET ... to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM. It's one of the best insights I have personally seen.

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