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Note: This Blog Post addresses an important part of the Virtual Wealth FORMULA (as seen elsewhere on this site). Like the (long) Blog Post I did on NETWORK Marketing ... this one gives an "in depth" look at ATTRACTION Marketing ... and the two together, provide the ultimate strategy for generating Online, Recurring, Passive Income streams.

In STEP-1, we examined the first component for PASSIVE INCOME CREATION - i.e.- a TOP quality (global) Network (Inter-Network) Marketing Home eBusiness.=> Click Here


ATTRACTION MARKETING - The whole idea behind this is to shift from being a PUSH marketer (from Old School - where YOU "seek out" and "interrupt" prospects) - to a PULL marketer (where THEY "seek out" YOU, as a professional InterNetwork Marketing advisor and Leader) - because you've first [up front], provided them HIGH VALUE - offering advice on how they can get SOLUTIONS to their PAIN, or their pressing PROBLEMS.

You've "earned" the right to their TRUST, because you first, built a RELATIONSHIP with them. You've had a "courtship" - before you ever asked them to "marry" you (especially on a first date! :>)


Questions - Are YOU tired of ... doing cold calls (although 'some' may be appropriate) ... making a list of your family & friends ... hosting home parties ... going to hotel meetings ... having booths at flea markets ...hanging out flyers ... having magnet signs on your car ... selling ... chasing people in malls ... buying (worthless) 'biz opp seeker' leads ... etc?

Unfortunately, most (Old School) Network Marketers are [still] doing these things.

More Questions - Do YOU want more ... quality traffic / (targeted) leads / customers-clients / product sales / biz partner signups / cash flow / success / confidence?

ANSWER - Whereas most Network Marketing "companies" cannot provide this -- the "right" Internet ATTRACTION MARKETING System(s) can provide a SOLUTION to ALL of the above - and, create for you an attractive, totally separate, NON-conflicting, "additional income stream" - over and above your primary business / job / practice / career ... but only IF you wish to create it.

More - In addition to your OWN use of such a System - many (some say 90%) of those you may connect with - about your Network Marketing Business / Products & Services - will NOT be interested in them (no matter how good YOU know they are)!

However, just by you having this available (to "help others" with THEIR OWN businesses / practices) - YOU might at least "get paid something" up front (should they purchase it from you - and assuming it is an Affiliate program).

This would not only help you to offset some of your own marketing expenses - it could help you to make some [hopefully, grateful] new contacts & friends. :>)

The ATTRACTION - The "attraction" process involves "providing information" to prospective customers / clients / biz partners about how it will be beneficial for them, to deal with YOU. And once they begin to TRUST you - there will be no REJECTION at all.

The primary focus is not mainly on promoting a product / service / opportunity -- but rather, on building YOUR OWN "brand" value -- YOU, Inc - and the services and solutions YOU are going to provide to others. These are the main "attracting" factors here ... and (to me, at least) this is a far more comfortable / professional / successful, and less stressful, way to build a business - ONline or OFFline.


Attraction Marketing is all about Branding YOU ... it's about becoming - Y-O-U, Inc. YES, creating your 'brand value' is the mainstay of Network [InterNetwork] Marketing ... and therefore ...most successful marketers are using some form of "Attraction Marketing".

The INTERNET - Implementing "attraction marketing" is much easier on the WEB, and it has become the main strategy of successful Home Business Entrepreneurs. Web 2.0 technologies have provided the tools / resources / strategies for enterprising marketers to make the most of Attraction Marketing.

Older techniques only involved the setting up of a website, with a marketing pitch, in the hope of getting visitors to "buy the product / service / opportunity". Now, with Attraction Marketing, a TARGETED crowd of people becomes eager to visit the particular website.

YOUR Credibility - This means they are "already somewhat PRE-SOLD" - on YOU - on your SOLUTION (to their 'pain') - on the CONCEPT. So their visit will be mainly to check out your products / services / opportunity - and to 'connect' with you. Nice.

People Love FREE Stuff - They should get to know you as a person who can provide them with solutions - and GUIDANCE. To give them a taste of your worth, provide them FREE valuable information, or entertainment, in the form of DIGITAL products ( eBooks, Games, Video Tutorials, 5-Day Boot Camps, Software, Apps, etc. Free stuff is used a 'lot' in Attraction Marketing - as a LEAD MAGNET - for options.

It can be displayed where people can leave their contact details, like eMail, phone number etc. This contact information can be used to develop further interaction, and also, provide your prospects with details about special offers, subscription to newsletters, etc.

This can be a great opportunity to set up a marketing campaign with the help of an Auto Responder service, which can work on autopilot (to build your LIST).


H-O-W to Attract Them? All of this seems like a "dream come true", for any marketer, but the question remains ... HOW does one attract: quality traffic / targeted leads / prospective customers - clients -biz partners - to take the desired action? Some popular methods, as you move forward, are as follows:

a) - Creating a Powerful PROFILE - People are mainly interested in subscribing to YOU, rather than the services / products / opportunity you might be offering. YOU are the one who will be introducing prospective people to the program or service, and hence people should be first "attracted" to YOU - not your Network [InterNetwork] Marketing company or business. This is where you make the most of SOCIAL MEDIA sites, and BLOGS (in due course).

Over time, create a powerful 'profile' on FACEBOOK - TWITTER - LINKEDIN - and your Personal BLOG. These will become important 'nodes' from where you will be interacting with people - and "first impressions" will always be important. Hence, a good Profile, or BIO page.

b) - Content Marketing - People are always looking for solutions, or ways to improve their health / income / success. If you provide "authentic" CONTENT, that can help them in this regard, you can become popular in no time. Writing articles on specific topics and submitting them to Article Directories - or posting them on Blogs - are excellent ways of getting FREE (targeted) LEADS. Participating in chosen FORUMS is another good way.

c) - Funded Proposals - A Funded Proposal system is perhaps one of the best tools for Attraction Marketing. Instead of offering prospects a Free Product, you offer them (for a reasonable price), a Digital Product or Service that can be of immense value to a niche audience.

This could be a Training Course / Information Portal / Webinar / Boot Camp / eBook / etc, where people are directly benefitted by the contents, which in turn, puts them in a better position to earn more money.

You have not only created a worthwhile product, that is earning you money, but it also generates additional leads, and helps in your list building.

The people who buy the products & services are not only benefiting from the info, but also they have the opportunity to enter a program you are offering ... much better prepared.

Bottom Line - Combine the lead generation power of Attraction Marketing -- with the cash flow potential of using (the "right") Funded Proposals -- and you will have a lethal "business building weapon" in your hands -- both of which will give you the main staying power you'll need as you grow your Network [InterNetwork] Marketing Home Business, and any "other" Profit Centers you might have - into six figure momentum!

BUT, There Could be a PROBLEM Here ...

Knowledge / Skillset - As good as all this sounds, the vast majority of people simply do not have the technical knowledge, marketing expertise, Social Media exposure -- or the programming skills, tools and resources needed, to create high-converting HTLM Lead Magnets, Landing Pages, Lead Capture Sites, Websites, Blogs, etc.

Not only are there certain technical skills necessary - there is also the time, patience and determination for the [sometimes steep] "learning curve" required -- and ALL of the above IS needed, in order to 'maximize' the Attraction Marketing process. And there's "more":

Traffic - You don’t need a "lot" of traffic to make money Online - but you need the "right type" of traffic. You want "highly targeted" traffic. Once you brand Y-O-U, Inc -- the goal of your high value CONTENT is => to PRE-SELL - to gain that coveted -- "Know -Like - Trust" relationship. So where does [at least some of] this traffic "come" from? - - -

- Social Media - There are a "ton" of great places to generate quality traffic and targeted leads. In particular, the Social Media space can be a potent source.

- Advertise - There are many excellent "paid" advertising strategies (PPC, etc) that can bring quick results - but they can be financially "risky" too. Many top producers actually specialize in using "free" Classified Ad sites, such as -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to generate traffic, leads and sales -- they work.

- Sharing Sites - You can also create accounts on many popular Document & File Sharing sites, like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- these work well too.

Granted, all these different parts can easily be "outsourced" to a 3rd party (like Upwork, Virtual Employee / Guru, freelancer, PeoplePerHour etc) - but the "cost" can be high, and the results, often poor.

So, What IS the Best ANSWER?

Well, How About Not 'Needing' ANY of The Above?

If you want a brilliant, point & click, "paint-by-numbers" solution -- to help YOU create high-converting funnels -- that sell YOU - and YOUR stuff -- here is your ANSWER ...

The Process ..


Because, with the "right" one -- NO tech skills required -- NO learning curve (other than watching a few simple Tutorial Videos) -- NO outsourcing needed -- NO more cold calls -- NO more buying [worthless] 'biz opp seeker' leads -- NO more making a list of family & friends ... NO mare hosting home parties ... NO more going to hotel meetings ... NO more booths at flea markets ...NO more hanging out flyers ... NO more magnet signs on your car ... NO more selling ... NO more chasing people in malls -- on & on ...

And there would be absolutely NO reason to struggle ONLINE any more!

With the "right" one, you should get -- world class TRAINING + PRE-BUILT modules + AUTOMATED technology & tools for -- Self Branding -- LIST Building -- Target Markets -- CRM, Customer / Client Development -- Social Media Marketing (Facebook / Twitter / Google+ / LinkedIN / Periscope / Instagram / Pinterest / You Tube / Tumblr, etc, etc) -- Content Creation -- Article Marketing -- Copywriting -- Webinars -- SEO / Keyword Research -- Targeted Traffic -- Lead Generation -- Capture Pages -- Banner Advertising -- Solo Ad Resources -- eMail Marketing -- Sales Funnels -- Vision & Mindset Mastery -- AutoResponders (built in) + more ...

Over the years, I’ve personally researched, purchased, tested [and used] many different Internet [Attraction] Marketing / Funded Proposal Systems.

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