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Here, we will explore a (2-STEP) way for you to create a rock-solid foundation for your future financial security and time freedom ... regardless of your / career / business / profession.

In addition to managing your personal finances wisely, these 2-Steps will, for one thing, provide an immediate improvement in your lifestyle (as opposed to the fatally flawed one - the traditional "work, save & invest for 40 years" approach). Also, they will empower you - with more control.

This 2-Step Strategy will help make you RICH with life’s 'real' treasures - no matter how old you are (if you still have a 'passion' for life), or what your past experiences have been. Yes, this will prove priceless to you (and to those you choose to share it with).

NOTE: In the Virtual Wealth FORMULA, there are three (3) important components required for you to achieve Financial Freedom (= the Virtual Wealth LIFESTYLE). These critical (3) parts are: 1) Passive Income Creation + 2) Financial Management + 3) DEBT Elimination.

This Blog Post focuses only on critical component (#1) ... examining the finest strategies & tools for => PASSIVE INCOME CREATION.

There Are 2 STEPS in this Strategy (for Passive Income Creation)

a) An Online Home-Based Business Enterprise (Side Business), that enables you to not only improve your HEALTH (by reducing stress) ... and your FINANCES (by creating immediate, extra (recurring, passive) income streams - regardless of your age - without it taking too much of your time, or interfering with your work - and second ...

b) An Internet Attraction Marketing System, to 'automate' many of the moving parts within the business in a) - or in ANY business (there is simply not enough time in the day to do this all by yourself - especially if you’re part-time, like me) - and also, to gain the proper Internet Marketing education / training / tools needed, in order to build a high success in a) - or in ANY business. IF it's properly selected, having your own Online Home-Based Business (or side biz) is one of 'the' smartest ways to have the HEALTH + MONEY + TIME to truly >>>>> O-W-N YOUR LIFE. And supporting that business properly, with a (the "right) powerful Internet Marketing System, is KEY.

About a Home-Based eBiz (in General)

What's nice about this is - you can start out simply by being a Satisfied CUSTOMER - and then later, becoming an ASSOCIATE (IF you feel compelled to share the products with others) - and build it ONline, or OFFline (or both). What's also nice - it can be operated from home, either on a part-time basis (like mine is), or full time - to develop a solid supplemental income, or an entire income replacement, while at the same time, enjoying less STRESS & greater time FREEDOM.

Perhaps you've never had a Home Business, or maybe you have been "burned" by a previous opportunity that just didn't pan out, and now you're extra skeptical and cautious about what you do next. Understood.

In fact - I've personally been there, done that ... so I do not blame you. Maybe you're completely new to the idea of - 'Online Marketing' - or 'Entrepreneurship' - or a 'Home Biz' - but this you can learn. And if you are HUNGRY - and WILLING TO BE TAUGHT - you can be very "successful".

Incomparable - But first, there is NO more powerful "wealth creation" metric, in the history of mankind, than owning a successful BUSINESS. Nothing - nada - not personal real estate - not the stock market - not gold / silver / rare art / coins / stamps / vintage autos / forex / family heirlooms / crypto currencies, etc.

Yes, a (pre-qualified) BUSINESS W-I-N-S ... and especially, if it can be run from HOME, and ONLINE.

Pay Raise? - Anyone currently in an "employee" status is likely losing $500/month (min.) by NOT having a Home (or Side) Business. If that is your situation, you can save that $500 per month for yourself (= an instant pay raise) through TAX REFUNDS -plus- add additional income, on top of that, for yourself.

This is only ONE of the (many) benefits of owning a HOME Based (Side) Business - and the real "cost" to start one is usually very minimal (often "zero" with the TAX savings factored in).

Options - There are many different possibilities for creating a good income from home, such as: Consulting Services - Day Care Services - Affiliate Marketing - Info Product Marketing - Online eCommerce Stores (solo, or say, partnering with Amazon) - Direct Sales - Network Marketing - Tutoring - eBook Publishing - Real Estate - Internet Marketing - Coaching - on and on. In a few of my other websites, I go into some of these in detail.

MULTIPLE Income Streams - The need for creating "different" sources of cash flow has never been greater. In today's world, if you're relying on only ONE source, you are at high risk. Now, it is much wiser to DIVERSIFY (safely).

Alert - Given the present state of our weak global economy (over which we have NO control), the quest for greater economic security for ourselves makes absolute sense. In fact, it is time to make our OWN economy!

"You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change your circumstances. You cannot change the seasons, or the wind, but you CAN change yourself. That is something YOU have complete control over". - (the late, great Jim Rohn)

Now let's examine ONE of those (Home Biz) options mentioned above ...


This is 'my own' Home (Side) Business model of choice. It can provide a "better life" for those who have a big dream, and the desire / work ethic to make it happen, It can deliver those (3) critical factors - the HEALTH + MONEY + TIME needed, for you to truly, OWN YOUR LIFE.

INTER-Network Marketing - However, I believe the Network Marketing industry - as it has been known (with the OLD SCHOOL methodology, where "family, friends & neighbors" were [are] chased) - has had a bad rap - and "I" used to be one of its strongest "critics"! :>)

Today, through the "miracle" of CYBERSPACE, we can now use the WEB (Internet) to conduct business - and have rapid communication - at light speed. More importantly, it empowers us to reach out to thousands (millions!) of people -vs- mainly those within our own locations. ONLINE Network Marketing (InterNetwork Marketing) is here to stay - and in my own view, it is far more comfortable / attractive / professional. Yes, there is a learning curve, but as we'll see shortly, we can easily get properly educated - in Internet Marketing - and put most of that on "autopilot".

Network (InterNetwork) Marketing been a proven business model for over 70 years now - and it brings in over $180-BILLION in sales each year, from entrepreneurs, operating successfully all over the globe - attracting people from every walk of life.

OTHER Options? - Myself, I have tried eCOMMERCE Marketing part time (via Amazon's FBA Program), only to discover that, the sourcing of inexpensive products, from China, and other countries (to re-sell on Amazon) - and dealing with the different Sales Taxes in every State / Province - was far too complex, very costly, and too risky for my liking. I have also done some AFFILIATE Marketing, and Product LAUNCHES - but without any real 'lasting' results (and no 'recurring' cash flow).

The 'BUSINESS MODEL' -- A Closer Look

NETWORK MARKETING - As an industry, I see Network (InterNetwork) Marketing being here to stay. On Wall Street and on Bay Street - in corporate Board Rooms - in the general business community - it is instantly recognized as: a) a superior form of commerce and way to conduct business - and b) a very efficient means of getting multiple goods and services to end users (customers). Even famous billionaire, Warren Buffet, has invested heavily in Network Marketing companies. Consider these (4) factors ...

1) People will ALWAYS want (need) "supplemental income" - even in a strong economy. The truth is, most people live paycheck to paycheck. They aren't able to buy the nice things they want for themselves and their families. There is, and will always be, a constant DEMAND for more money. Network Marketing "is" a simple, part-time, and low risk, way for full-time workers to fill this need. As long as people need "more money" - Network Marketing will ALWAYS be there to fill that need.

2) People will ALWAYS want "to escape from jobs they don't enjoy". Despite what you may think, there are people out there that truly do NOT enjoy their J-O-B. They go to work because they "have" to, and not because they really "want" to. Network (Inter-Network) Marketing does "offer" an opportunity for real financial liberty. The ability to leave the rat-race (9- to-5 working world) will ALWAYS be too tempting to pass up, and Network Marketing is a very good solution.

3) People will ALWAYS want "more free time" - to do what they want - with whom they want - when they want - and where they want. In a poll by Money Magazine, 64% of American men, and 68% of American women polled, said that if they had a choice between more money, and more time off, they would choose the "extra time". People covet their free time, and the Network Marketing model can "provide it" - enabling people to chose their own hours. Again, the chance to create more free time will ALWAYS draw people - Network Marketing can give this.

4) People will ALWAYS want "better health" and "less stress" - regardless of their age. It's in their DNA to want to look better, feel better, have more energy, higher confidence, less worry, and greater wellness - especially in today's fast paced, heavy pressure, toxic environment. Network Marketing companies have the cutting-edge products and services (most often, superior to others) to help people solve a nagging problem, and/or enjoy increased well-being.

Bottom Line - as a BUSINESS MODEL, when it's used correctly, the Network (Inter-Network) Marketing industry has totally changed the lives, the health, and the finances, of tens of thousands (many millions) of people, all over the world - helping them design a better future for themselves and their families.

VIDEO - For a quick glimpse of the "power" of this industry (2.06-min video) => Click Here


Investment - The (tax deductible) "investment" required to start up a Network Marketing business is low compared to most ALL other businesses - and yet, with far more potential (usually less than $1,000 - often, $500, or much lower, to start) - and for that, you usually receive an initial supply of excellent "products" -- or a "service" to market -- to use yourself (of equivalent, or higher, dollar value).

CFQ - If you are already familiar with it, you'll know that Network (InterNetwork) Marketing is about being an entrepreneur, with a "business SYSTEM" - and that this kind of business ownership is not about being self employed [like electricians, or architects, or health practitioners, or attorneys], with NO "leverage" factor at play. We're talking about the "B" Quadrant here - not the "S".

If you study Robert Kiyosaki's famous "Cash Flow Quadrant" (the 4 sources of income) ... you will understand the radical difference between these two income sources => Click Here.

If you're not that familiar with it, Network Marketers build their Home Businesses by bringing in (both retail & wholesale) CUSTOMERS - who love the company's products or services - and by developing "networks" of other MARKETERS (it's the business T-E-A-M "leverage" factor) - in much the same way that "franchise" operations do.

Few, if ANY, other businesses, jobs or professions can offer the three (3) powerful forces of leverage + compounding + recurring [on-going] Passive income ("simultaneously") that a Network Marketing business can - IF one builds it correctly - by applying the right business, financial, marketing and ethical principles.

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