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One of the (3) critical components of the Virtual Wealth FORMULA is "Lifestyle Management" ... or Good Management of Personal Finances. Let's explore this ...



Businesses have PROFIT & LOSS reports (also known as “The P&L”).

If "expenses" are greater than the earnings, the business shows a LOSS for the month.

Each month, the expenses - and the earnings - are carefully recorded on the books.

If the "earnings" are greater than the expenses, the business shows a PROFIT for the month.


PERSONAL finances are very similar to business P&L ... we call the report for tracking personal finances - the BUDGET.

The personal Budget records our monthly income and outgo (the EXPENSES). Our financial health is "measured" this way. See our RESOURCES Page for more info / strategies / tips.

In the typical family budget today, DEBT payments amount to about 40% of their total monthly expenses. And, most of those (debt) payments are NOT tax deductible!

That means, when they are debt-free, they could retire at their "same lifestyle" - but on approximately HALF of their current income - because their taxes would also be lower.

That also means they could retire "in less than HALF the time" ... due to the nature of COMPOUNDING interest. The precise numbers will vary a little from person to person.

So, smart Financial Management is important, because ... by eliminating "unnecessary" expenses, and ... by minimizing "essential" expenses - and taxes ... you'll have MORE MONEY to use to reduce (or wipe out) all your DEBTS. It's not rocket science.

If we "spend" more than our income for the month, our excess spending either has to come from savings, or it has to be borrowed. We want to see BALANCE in our plan.

And, because very few folks have any meaningful savings, the most common way that over-spending is paid for is by going deeper into DEBT ... which has become a grim "curse" for SO many families today, sadly

If we focus on the EXPENSE side of budgeting, we can learn how to "control" our spending habits ... so that we have excess income (profit) each month ... money that can be used to pay off all debts. It's not very complicated - yet, very few families seem "able" to get a handle on it.

Part of the problem is ... too many families have so little income ... making it difficult to reduce their monthly expenses enough to create "excess" income that could be used to break out of the death grip of crushing DEBT.


Families today "must" learn ways to INCREASE INCOME ... "in addition" to improving their SPENDING habits ... in order for them to eliminate their DEBTS ... and to gain FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Enter the Virtual Wealth FORMULA

EXAMPLE - Throwing money away on junk, stuff, and mere things - and squandering money by overpaying for the essential things we need - are both examples of POOR MONEY MAGAGEMENT. Those actions are commonly referred to as "being financially irresponsible".

Suppose a 25 year old man lost $5,000 during the process of buying a new car, and later selling it a loss. That $5,000 loss also takes into consideration the "interest paid" on his car loan. If that $5,000 had been "invested" - at say, 5% - it would have grown to over $20,000 by age 55 - and to over $44,000 by age 65.

That is just one simple example of one common mistake that will be repeated, over and over again, by many people. Now, just imagine having the wisdom to eliminate many mistakes like that one ... early FINANCIAL FREEDOM becomes a "slam dunk"!

Passive Income Creation - Please keep in mind that another component of the Virtual Wealth Formula - namely - "Passive Income" - is a critically important one too. In fact, it is the major KEY to the success of the Formula - for two good (2) reasons, both of which help you reach Financial Freedom quicker ...

1) It too, gives you more money to use to pay off all your debts - much sooner ... and,

2) It also gives you recurring passive (non-working) income to retire with - much sooner.

That is, when we "add into the mix" ... significant Passive Recurring Income ... the end

result can be breathtaking ... and truly life altering.

Let's consider yet another part of the equation ...

TIME - It is just as irresponsible, and even more costly, for us to squander our TIME - as it is to squander our MONEY. Yes!

Good Personal Finance Management is all about minimizing both mistakes. Wise men and women are sensitive to their need to guard both the "minutes" - and the "dollars" - entrusted to them.

Given the fact that TIME and MONEY are the only two (2) building blocks of FINANCIAL FREEDOM ... isn't it tragically sad that none of us were taught in school, the importance of - or how to manage - either one?

This is a major failing of the educational systems of the world. As a result, poor financial health is at epidemic levels.

The "Black Plague" was the plague of the "Dark Ages" ... and "Poor Financial Health" is the plague of the 21st century. The consequences are predictable ...

MARRIAGES get torn apart by "financial" problems. In fact, financial problems are the root cause of 85% of divorces in North America. Personal financial problems destroy more BUSINESSES than do business problems.

CHILDREN are robbed of a childhood with quality time with their parents ... because money, junk, stuff, and status were all more important than the children. It is time to draw a line in the sand and to say ... "NO MORE"!

YES - good stewardship of our Time and Money are "CORE PRINCIPLES" for healthy living ... and the lack of knowledge about both of these precious resources is the biggest reason that "poor financial health" is at epidemic levels today.

And, this lack of knowledge is also why people do NOT become financially independent at ages 35 - 40 - 50.

You have probably heard the old expression ... "It takes money to make money". Well, that may be one of the silliest statements ever made. Almost everyone starts out in life, "without" money. So, how do they get money?

Easy ... they simply exchange TIME for "money" (hours for dollars) ... then later, they will exchange MONEY (assets) for (retirement) "time". I will show you HOW to use your time to create the money you need ... and HOW to use your money to purchase years of extra lifestyle retirement time (the Virtual Wealth Formula).

Simply put, we can redirect a small amount of our TIME, in order to reduce "essential" EXPENSES (and also to eliminate "non-essential" expenses ... and minimize TAXES).

We then use the extra money to reduce (or get out of) punishing DEBT ... then, we start INVESTING. Later - but much faster than normal - we will be able to live nicely off of our investments -AND- become our OWN bankers (a brilliant concept that almost NObody knows about - certainly not your traditional Financial Planner)! :>)

The TRUTH about the OLD "40-year retirement plan" is NOT that it is impossible for the plan to work ... as mathematically, it "can" work. However, the NEW way is a far superior solution.

The TRUTH about that fatally flawed OLD plan is that it is just unrealistic to expect folks to be able to follow it successfully, for four or five decades ... without LIFE getting in the way! Yes, the NEW way IS superior.

The obvious, and staggering, rate of failure SCREAMS the truth ... that OLD plan does NOT work well for the vast majority of people in this 21st century!

What we need is a NEW plan - with an entirely different approach from the OLD. One that taps into our strengths - not our weaknesses. One that truly emphasizes PASSIVE INCOME CREATION ... done smartly ... with the right tools / resources / support.

Let me re-emphasize ... my (our) passionate purpose here ... is NOT to help make you WEALTHY ... it's to help make you R-I-C-H ... with peace / purpose / empowerment .

It is to truly, help you achieve success / peak financial health / enjoyment / happiness ... to access life’s REAL treasures.

No matter how young or old you are ... if you still have a passion for life, pursuing the VIRTUAL WEALTH LIFESTYLE will prove priceless to you and those you share it with. And, our Team is here to HELP.

Naturally, we hope you will join our TEAM on this exciting journey ... called The Virtual Wealth LIFESTYLE ... because there is nothing else like it! :>)

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