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Virtual Wealth: Pulling It All TOGETHER

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

(Best Strategies for Achieving CASH FLOW Prosperity)


In this special Blog Post ... I want to "tie together", the information in my previous Blog Post …


(1) What is true Financial WELLNESS?

(2) In a tough economy, how DO we achieve real PROSPERITY?

As a Financial Advisor and a Business Consultant, I've dealt with people over the years who are always seeking a better life for themselves and their loved ones, financially.

Many of them have been clients, in my own specialty of Natural Health Professionals.

Most have high net worth positions ... but many have also been suffering financially, in our current 'economic' (and political) climate.

I'd like to share some thoughts on this with you on this...

Financial ILLNESS - It is no secret that today's population is facing a major Financial Crisis - the heavy JOB LOSSES, as more and more "outsourcing" and "automation" take over -- HEALTH INSURANCE costs going"through the roof" -- the CREDIT CRUNCH -- our SOCIAL SECURITY Systems, and PENSIONS, are in jeopardy -- we're seeing unparalleled Personal DEBT -- on and on.

Financial WELLNESS - What I wish to do is lay out an "attainable" WEALTH FORMULA below -- one that gives you the "details" not only on how to SURVIVE -- but on how to PROSPER.

Becoming a CASH FLOW Millionaire (By achieving the VIRTUAL WEALTH Lifestyle, for FINANCIAL FREEDOM)

a MILLIONAIRE? ... YES - a millionaire -- but not in the "traditional" sense of being a millionaire (by having a Net Worth of at least $1-million in the bank, or in free-assets / investments).

What I'll describe is quite different - but totally accurate. Stay with me...

SOLUTION - Here's how YOU can become an authentic "millionaire" ... with multiple streams of (safe, recurring) Passive Income ... via Online Home Business Ownership + education in Attraction Marketing. Please see my other Blog Posts that cover these in depth.

First, picture what it takes to become a MILLIONAIRE ... and let's keep it very simple ...

Assume you could find a "rate of return" (ROI) of just three per-cent ("3%") on your savings or investments (IF you can get that, today! :>).

On ONE Million ($1,000,000) -- $ 30,000/yr ($2,500/mo)

On TWO Million ($2,000,000) -- $ 60,000/yr ($5,000/mo)

On THREE Million ($3,000,000) -- $ 90,000/yr ($7,500/mo)

On FOUR Million ($4,000,000) -- $120,000/yr ($10,000/mo)


In the above examples, you would need to SAVE UP ... "after" paying income TAX ... one, two, three, or four MILLION DOLLARS cash ... in order to produce these incomes.

Most people could "never" do this ... not in their entire lifetimes.

QUESTION - What if there was "another way" to become a MILLIONAIRE ... a much "easier" ... and "quicker" way ... and without any "risk"?

ANSWER - If you are able to achieve the VIRTUAL WEALTH LIFESTYLE ... you CAN!

That is ...if you follow our Virtual Wealth FORMULA ... you CAN enjoy a Virtual Wealth LIFESTYLE (because in essence, you WILL become a "millionaire" ... a CASH FLOW millionaire. What IS a "Cash Flow" millionaire? Here's the answer ...

CASH FLOW - As the old saying goes ... "CASH Is King!" ... Instead of the almost "impossible" task of having to accumulate "MILLIONS of dollars" (in after-tax funds) ... over many years ... we instead, show you (in our Virtual Wealth FORMULA) how you can generate $5,000/mo ... or $10,000/mo in CASH FLOW (or whatever amount "you" want to have) ... in multiple streams of safe, recurring, PASSIVE INCOME ... generated from proven, safe, Online Business Ownership & Marketing strategies.

So in essence. you become a CASH FLOW Millionaire ... far quicker ... and you get to enjoy the Virtual Wealth LIFESTYLE ... in a few YEARS -vs- over many DECADES ... to achieve total FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

More importantly, when you achieve this ... using "our" proven strategies ... you will be creating a lasting (and "tax advantaged") LEGACY ... a powerful GIFT, for your loved ones as well.

Let's "dig in" on this a bit more ...

QUESTION #1 - If you "did" have say, $2-million ((lump sum)) - sitting in investments - or in the

bank - and you earned say, a 3% annual return on it (ROI / rate of interest, or dividends, etc) - how much yearly//monthly revenue would that give you?

You would have an annual $60,000/year income ($5,000./month) - just as though it were an annual salary - or an annual pension, etc.

TAX - But keep in mind, these kinds of income (salary or pension) - as nice as they might be - would also be '100% taxable' (in most cases). And remember, unless you receive that lump sum from a Lottery - or an Inheritance, etc - you must accumulate it - after taxes - so it would take a "lifetime" (or more) to do that - right?

QUESTION #2 - What if instead - you had that same $5,000 per month - $60,000. per year coming in - BUT - this time, it's PASSIVE INCOME (cash flow) from Online Home Business ownership?

$5,000./month - each and every month - and knowing that 'most' of that income was tax free (because of the 'many' business expenses that the IRS (CRA in Canada) allows us for a HOME Business?

And this will not take a "lifetime" to accomplish -- it can actually start "immediately"!

COMPARISON - Instead of needing a whole TON OF BREAD-DOUGH in the basement (the lump sum $2-million in the bank) ... you get FRESH SLICES OF TOAST and JAM on your plate ... each and every month (the $5,000./month cash flow) - which is all you need (again, stay with me on this).

So YOU are now "on your way" to becoming a CASH FLOW Millionaire - a situation that is 'much' better than being a "traditional" millionaire, from stocks / bonds / mutual funds / etc.

ALERT! - But this is only STEP #1 ... because, in order for you to fully QUALIFY as a Cash Flow Millionaire - the other Steps will be revealed below

They must ALL be met in order to satisfy the requirements of an authentic Cash Flow Millionaire.

Ok - assuming you take the time and the effort necessary to put together a 'solid' Home Business structure ... with cutting-edge marketing strategies ... like we'll teach you ... by "positioning" yourself properly, for both protection and prosperity (through Self Branding / Multiple Income Streams / effective Business, Financial, Marketing, Ethical strategies / Leadership Development / Continuing Education programs, etc).

HOW do you GENERATE" that $5,000/mo - $60,000/yr in Passive Income? Up front, I'm not saying this will be "easy" (it will take intelligent effort) -- but I am saying it can (and IS) being done - by "many" dedicated entrepreneurs all over the world - and it doesn't take an "army" of Customers and/or Biz Partners to accomplish this. NO.

In fact, many top leaders in this industry are generating - $10,000/mo -- $20,000/mo -- $50,000/mo, and much higher (I have three personal friends who make 'far more' than that last amount - per month).

No - a recurring Cash Flow of $5,000/month ($60,000/yr) by itself (Step 1), is NOT a mammoth task - for any of us - as long as we've "prepared" ourselves correctly (and that includes 'mentally').

Because in "our" industry, we have three ((3)) powerful financial FORCES at work - that almost NO other industry / business / profession has going for it...


We create the $5,000/mo - $60,000/yr Millionaire CASH FLOW (or "more", if that is your desire):

= $60,000/year - from the "$2-million in the BANK" - throws off INVESTMENT Income - which is usually "fully" TAXABLE - but

= $60.000/year -- from a quality "Home Biz" is PROFIT (after EXPENSES) -- which may well end up being - NON taxable.

BUT - to truly enjoy the LIFESTYLE of a pure "Cash Flow" Millionaire -- two ((2)) MORE conditions "must" be met...

We "must" have ZERO Personal DEBT -- Zip! -- Nada! -- None! -- absolutely Gone! (or this Formula will NOT work)! See our Blog Post on this for a powerful "formula" that will enable you to achieve this (Debt Avalanche).

This is PERSONAL (non-tax deductible) debt here - not (tax deductible) BUSINESS or INVESTMENT debt that I'm referring to. And a reasonable "home mortgage" might be an exception as well, since in the US (not Canada), mortgage interest is 'tax deductible'.

Personal DEBT - You're thinking ELIMINATION is impossible?? - NO, absolutely not - and frankly, we don't have a 'choice' in this any more.

Personal DEBT is "killing" our population - we've been on a "wild spending spree" - it's largely been the "culprit" in this economic storm

Personal DEBT is like a CANCER out of control - it's "eating away" our very souls - we need to KILL it as rapidly as we can!

There are wonderful financial strategies that can be exercised for this. Yes, it takes WORK + DISCIPLINE -- but it can (and "must") be done (again, see our Blog Post.

Often, an "aggressive" plan for debt-reduction will accomplish this in 1- 2-3 years. That is "not" a lifetime.

The result is like lifting a 500-pound Stress MONSTER from our shoulders!

You "must" practice good MONEY MANAGEMENT principles daily (Tax / Investment / Financial & Estate Planning) along the way. This is about gaining "financial intelligence" about things that matter to your economic future. Please review our RESOURCES Page on this site.


Pulling It All Together - When you understand ... and execute ... STEPS #1 + #2 + #3 above (and below) ... you "will" become a successful CASH FLOW Millionaire! :>)

If you practice the Virtual Wealth FORMULA ...

You "will" achieve the Virtual Wealth LIFESTYLE

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