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Ann Sieg

Author / Business Coach & CEO, 80/20 Marketing, Inc

Within moments of my first nearly one hour conversation with Peter Arnold we were knitted and bonded.

What I mean by that is rather quickly into that conversation, we moved into the elements of life that matter most…our core values.


My belief in life and business is that adversity tests our true character and in that spirit I went to Peter after that initial conversation to seek his counsel during a challenging time in my business.  

I knew I could rely on his counsel because within Peter is the strength of humility and meekness.Yes, I say strength because the opposite attitudes of pride and arrogance will not only destroy your business but all those around you.  

I am thankful to Peter for his encouragement and for the modeling of a leader that I aspire to be. It is a privilege to have Peter as a friend.

Dr. Ning Villacastin, M.D.

New Brunswick, Canada

I have known Peter Arnold for more than 30 years, as my Financial Advisor, as a Business Associate, and as a friend.

Peter is very honest, meticulous and forthright in all of his dealings with people. He is a great source of knowledge and guidance in all things of a financial nature. 

I have no reservation in recommending Peter to anyone as a Business Associate.

Dr. Paul Hogan, DDS

Director, MPHRC // PEI, Canada

I have known Peter Arnold for many, many good years. He is a real gentleman, with impeccable character. He is a close and dear friend of ours.

Peter is sincere, honest, caring and very helpful. He is knowledgeable on many issues, being a focused professional and a servant leader.

He is also an excellent teacher, with proven broad range of experience in business and finance.

Brad Weinman //CA

Author / Coach / Mentor | CEO / Synergy Global Ventures Inc.

After being involved in many different Small Businesses over the years, and eventually going on to make a multiple six-figure income, I have realized how important it is to align yourself with the right people and team.

And on that note, I feel very fortunate to have met Peter Arnold, and to be working directly with him.

As a leader, he's genuinely concerned about the success of others, and with over 20 years of experience as a professional and entrepreneur in this industry, he knows what it takes to be successful.

So if you're serious about improving your financial future, while having fun, then be sure to partner with Peter, because it'll be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Andrea Goodsaid // FL

Business Owner / Coach

Meeting and working with Peter Arnold these last few years has been a pleasure.

Peter and I met Online, thru Forums and an interesting mentoring group where we learned much about 'Color [Personality] Training' and copyriting together.

He has to be one of the kindest and most giving people I've ever met. Pay close attention and he'll bless your life too.

More than just a caring and responsive mentor, Peter has been someone I can count on to tell me the truth and give me wise counsel in both my business and personal life -- something that's hard to find these days. Thank you Peter, for being you!

Michael Lemm // VA

Founder / FreedomFire Communications​

Integrity, honesty, empathy, trustworthy, ethical, selfless, expert, respect, professional, experienced, selfless, caring, giving.... all are words you find in Websters dictionary.  

But they are also words that help describe Peter Arnold. Although this list is just a feeble start at painting a very special person.

No matter what your relationship with Peter... personal or business... you are immediately impressed by his open and

genuine nature.  


Peter is sincerely dedicated to serving others .... helping in any way he can.  His professional advice is gold... his personal friendship is priceless.


Those lucky enough to have any kind of relationship with Peter are truly blessed.  Peter is the real deal... the world needs more like him in all walks of life.

Suzanne Kirkland Kincaid // WA

Author / Financial Freedom on $1 a Day

I have had the pleasure of working with Peter Arnold in a few business investments, and he is an absolute delight to work with! Peter is very smart, efficient and thorough.

You can trust Peter to always stay in integrity with everything he does. He will truly care more about you and making sure whatever project you may do with him is a win-win for all concerned.  

I highly recommend Peter Arnold and his services.

Les Conner // OK

Business Owner /IT Manager

I have known Peter and Mary Ann Arnold for a several years.  

Even though we met Online, I can honestly say that I would trust Peter with my life.

Online friendships like him are hard to find. His integrity and honesty always evident. I have great respect for his personal, family and business values.

Not only does Peter have a very successful consulting business, he is an experienced professional leader.  

I have had the privilege of partnering with him in a couple of business ventures.  It is indeed an honor to call Peter Arnold my friend.

Wendy d'Entremont // NS, Canada

Business Owner / Home Biz Coach

I've had the great pleasure of knowing Peter Arnold for several years.  

I know Peter to be a person of the highest integrity, with an abundance of expertise in many arenas, including the home-based business industry.  

I have personally sought Peter's advice, and have first-hand appreciation of his dedication and service to others. 

Peter is the epitome of professionalism and leadership, and his level of commitment is unparalleled.


I wholeheartedly endorse Peter Arnold, and I am privileged to call him my friend.

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