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With the current economic (and political) climate - more and more people in North America, and around the world, are now searching for ways to gain greater Success, Financial Security, and Time Freedom ... to "OWN their life".


Here, we'll concentrate on the "first" component of the Virtual Wealth Formula only, for now ... PASSIVE INCOME ... where you are starting to build 'multiple streams' of [recurring] CASH FLOW ... through Online HOME BUSINESS OWNERSHIP -- that is, where YOU no longer need to 'work' to produce them (once they're built 'correctly').


Yes, there are "many" books out there on how to build different sources of Passive Income ... but what you'll learn here are two (2) proven, smart FORMULAS for doing so ... 


a)- the "Basic" Virtual Wealth Formula (described below) ... and


b)- the "Version (#2)" Virtual Wealth Formula (see Blog Post #10... Virtual Wealth Formula => on STEROIDS).

SAVINGS + STRESS RELIEF + R&R! - More importantly, you'll discover that these two Formulas ALSO provide a way to generate PASSIVE INCOME, such that you will get the [much needed!] ... everyday Savings ... plus Stress Relief ... plus R&R ... that you deserve ... all wrapped together, in one excellent package! :>) 

Please consider the "sheer logic" of what follows here ...

It's About Y-O-U - As my good friend, & a Business partner of mine - Kelly Reese - puts it, in video format (which is available to you as well) ... imagine YOU are like a "Money Pump" at first ... and that your 'own' capacity to produce "money" (cash flow) for your family is again, from your 'own manual effort'.

Imagine that your own "pumping power" will determine just how much money will come out of the pump. That's one factor.

Another factor is your own "endurance" - in determining how much money will come out of that Money Pump. Finally, the "healthy supply" of money (that your Money Pump is 'connected' to) also 'limits' how much money you can pump (i.e. if the 'company' you're working for goes out of business ... or their 'money supply' dries up, etc ... it does not matter how 'willing' you are - or how 'able' you are ... in that particular case, you will need to find 'another' Money Pump - a different money supplier).


And, it doesn't matter whether you're an 'employee' (or self-employed) ... because in almost every case, YOUR capacity to 'pump money' - and how much money - and for how long a period of time - is directly connected to YOUR 'abilities / talents / skills' - and to YOUR ability to 'endure', and to 'apply' that over a long period of time.


Certainly, the 'supply' of money you're connected to is important as well. Obviously, as an employee, YOU do not

control the money supply - the company does. So, if they're a very stable company, sitting on a large pool of money, and you have the ability to be promoted, that's important - but if it's a stressful job, with frustrations - that will limit your 'endurance' (you won't be able to survive long in that environment compared to what you might need to).


So, all of the above are important factors -- but what if you're a Small Business (or Practice) Owner? Well typically, she/he has more "raw money pumping power" than an employee, because they have more "leverage" - they're not being paid at 'wholesale' (like an employee) - they're being paid at 'retail' (they OWN the business / practice).

However, many Small Businesses have massive amounts of stress - and so, even if they're earning more money for a short period of time, the "stress" they're under can reduce their quality of life - it can even reduce their 'length' of life - and it can certainly reduce the number of years they're willing to 'put up with' in that Small Business.

If you're a Small Business Owner, and that business serves say, a small 'local' area, or community of 20,000 people - the money supply you have access (in most cases) is 'limited' to those 20,000 people. Compared

to a 'national' money supply - or a 'global' money supply - the typical local Small Business, or Family Business, is very 'limited' on the money supply it sits on. Yes, they might have a lot of 'money pumping' power - and they might be very bright - but their 'output power' and 'endurance' is greatly limited to the money supply of that local community. ALL of these factors are extremely critical when we talk about your power to "pump money". Now let's look deeper at - - -


This is KEY to your future success ... and especially, ONLINE, Passive, R-E-C-U-R-R-I-N-G Income -- which is 'on-going' income -- mostly without YOU always needing to be there to produce it. So we're talking here about an AUTOMATIC Money Pump.


Yes, you'll still need to do some things to initially 'set it up' -- and there may even be some minor things you'll need to do 'along the way' (to insure that the money-flow continues to come in) -- but, because it's highly automated, it gives YOU almost "unlimited endurance" (you're not going to wear out, or stress out).

Also, because it's highly automated, and because it's full "retail" value for your time (as the business owner) -- we're now talking about tremendous "income power". And, if done wisely (using the Virtual Wealth Formula) - you will have an "unlimited money supply" as well - because I'm going to show you how to 'connect' your Automated Money Pump to the "world" economy (the global economy).

Well, you may ask - "if I'm a Dentist, Engineer, or a Physician, how do I do that?" -- you don't do it by being a "local Dentist, Engineer or Doctor" -- you do it by becoming a "global Entrepreneur" (in 'addition' to being a Dentist, Engineer, or Physician.

Because a Dentist / Engineer / Doctor / Electrician / Pilot can "also" own - a JV office complex / an apartment building / a digital property business, that's well established globally / etc. -- they are no longer 'limited' to money flows that come strictly from their local community. The point is -  there's so much "power" and "leverage" and "synergy" out there - IF you can visualize the possibilities available to you.

My OWN Situation

It's exactly the same for "me" -- I'm a local Business & Financial Consultant -- but I'm "also" a Global Entrepreneur -- I had to be, to extend my 'own' Money Pump -- my 'own' endurance -- my 'own' (recurring passive income) money flow.

So, we go from your limited 'physical' ability to being able to pump money, and how much (minimum wage / middle executive / top earner, etc) -- to an unlimited 'passive' option that can change your life forever. Because, think of this ... even if you "are" a top earner - how long do you want to 'keep doing' that (given the pressures, etc)? And, are you connected to a very strong 'money supply' (is the company / business / practice you are associated with in a good, healthy financial position)?

When you have - as well - a Passive, Recurring Income generating strategy on your side, with a strong, global money supply - all of the above concerns start to work in your "favour".  However, let's refine this further, in terms of - Good - Better - Best - - -

1) ACTIVE / Lateral Income (Weak)

This might include ... working more hours (if that's even possible) ... getting a 2nd job (if that's even available) ... starting a 'traditional' small business (where you'll need to raise capital, and take financial risk, and YOU will need to be there, to run it, assuming you have the skillset / endurance, etc). In every case - we're looking at (the disadvantages of) ACTIVE Income generation.

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