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Books - Pick up copies (at Amazon) of -- "The China Study" -- "How Not to Die" -- "4 Leaf Guide to Vibrant Living" -- "Whole: The New Science Of Nutrition" -- "Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease" -- "Rethink Food:100+ Doctors Can't Be Wrong" -- "Eat To Live" -- "Healing Cancer From The Inside Out" -- "Forks Over Knives" -- "The Starch Solution" -- "Protein Alcoholic" -- "Healthiest Diet On The Planet" -- "Super Immunity" -- "Food Over Medicine" -- and many more (as these enlightening books are just 'tip of the iceberg').

Sites - Visit any (or all) of these sites: -- (and/or see the movie, on Netflix) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 'Food Choices' Documentary (on Netflix) - and again, these are just 'tip of the iceberg'.

So, What Am "I" ?

1). Vegan? --- 2). Vegetarian? --- 3). Nutritarian? --- 4). Starchitarian? -- Well, I guess you could call me somewhat of a "combo" - of #2) plus #4). :>)

Drs McDougall, Esselstyn, Popper & Ornish "all" advocate eliminating: fast food, junk / processed food / animal products / dairy products / fish / white flour / refined sugar / soft drinks, etc - as POISONS to our health - but they may disagree slightly on nuts / seeds / fats / starches.

Personally, I like Dr. McDougall's "low fat--high carb" STARCH comfort' foods program - and (after studying Dr. T. Colin Campbell's "The China Study"), I also accept the high human health risks of eating animal flesh + oils + dairy products + junk foods, etc … although I will - "on rare occasions only" - have some eggs / pizza / lemon pie! :>)

Color Picture Book - Dr. McDougall’s famous Chart, on >>>>> FOOD POISIONING

Dr. Pam Popper, PhD, ND - She is one of my heroes too (Dr. McDougall, MD, is one of her strongest mentors). Her mission, as a physician, and a top nutritionist, is to "educate" the masses (including traditional MDs) on the power (and wisdom) of pure PLANT BASED NUTRITION - for the prevention / healing / reversal of diseases, and chronic illnesses. I'm a loyal member of her program, "The Academy of Business and Health". Dr. Popper, through her “Wellness Forum Health” site - provides her members with all the research / facts / tools / resources / support necessary to ‘achieve’ wellness.

Are We All "Different"? - Personally, I’ve always believed everybody's metabolism was different, and therefore, NO "one shoe fits all" nutritional diet should apply to everyone, when it comes to our health needs. Well, I've been proven WRONG, by one of the top medical / nutritional experts in North America - again, Dr. Popper.

Organic? - Yes, wherever possible, this is best - BUT, given "today's" - depleted soils - aggressive farming practices - pesticides - herbicides - environmental pollution - even "organic" produce no longer gives us all of the ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS we need, on a daily basis, for vibrant health - and especially so, with COVID-19 threatening us!  No longer can we rely totally on our local Farmer's Market, or Whole Food Stores, to supply us with the "nutrition" - "purity" - "safety" we need from Supergreens, Fruits & Veggies [often, used in our 'shakes' and 'smoothies']... Unless they're CERTIFIED.

TOXICITY! - More than ever, we’re faced with (often lethal) TOXINS invading our bodies. From our FOOD to our PERSONAL CARE [& HOUSEHOLD] products & our AIR … our SOIL - our WATER SUPPLY - our SYNTHETIC Vitamins & Mineral Supplements... It's "everywhere". And it accumulates in our bodies - until we're "sick" - then, we need to DETOX, to get a fresh start.

This Is a SHOCKER!: Please take the time to ‘study’ this one >>>>>>>>> Click HERE 

MORE - Here are a couple of great resource websites - they "tie together" much of what the top medical / nutritional / scientific experts tell us >>> CLICK HERE >>> Click HERE

=== CANCER ===

The diagnosis of cancer is often thought as a "death sentence", and people can go into shock - I know I did, when I got that scare a few years ago!

Stats - According to 'Medscape Medical News', the 'British Journal of Cancer', and the 'American Cancer Society -- "1 in every 2" males -- and "1 in every 3" females -- will develop CANCER in their lifetimes. Cancer disease has reached epidemic proportions in North America, especially. These are alarming statistics -- and sadly, they're totally unnecessary (because in many cases, cancer can be 'prevented' and even 'reversed')!

Fear - If you were to be diagnosed with cancer, how do you think you would feel? Most people feel desperate, and can no longer sleep properly, or digest food well, or absorb enough nutrients, and they lose energy and become weak. The FEAR factor (cancer phobia) alone, can destroy our health.

STOP The Fear - IF this has touched "you", like it did me (or a loved one), I put together a Special Resource Page that I believe will "erase" the FEAR of the dreaded "C" word - in PREVENTING - TREATING - or REVERSING cancer -- NATURALLY -- based on the advice of over "one hundred" top holistic health experts from around the world. Ask me.

------------ // ------------

Food 'Certification'? - IF the Green Superfood products, or the Fruits & Veggies - either in a raw or powdered form, carry a Certification Label, from a reliable source (USDA / NSF) - that's  a good start - but we still need to go further ...

Supplementation? - This is why most of us really need to "supplement" - with GMO free, organic, WHOLE FOOD supplements - not with SYNTHETIC vitamins & minerals (man- made, with chemicals, in laboratories - because the body does not 'recognize' these harmful (isolated) ingredients - it expels them - as expensive urine)!

Unfortunately, the majority of supplements sold out there are "synthetic" (in Health Food Stores, Superstores, Pharmacies, etc).

Simple / Convenient / Proven

We are all "busy" ... most of us have "hectic schedules" (raising families / meetings / client care / studying & researching / building our businesses / practices / or staying at home, due to COVID-19 ... on & on) ... there are not enough hours in the day ... and to EAT HEALTHY … well, that is often a truly, difficult challenge!

For me personally, I do my best to follow a Plant-Rich / Starch-Based / Whole Food / healthy NUTRITIONAL protocol ... and also, to EXERCISE, every 2nd day (1-hr, doing treadmill / stretching / medium weights).

However ... to fortify it all ... each and every day, I make sure that I do take top-rated, scientifically approved, NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS.

The BIGGER Picture

Not only could eating (mostly) plant-based Whole Foods drastically help prevent (and reverse) CHRONIC ILLNESSES [diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, obesity, MS, etc.] - thus slashing our HEALTH CARE COSTS [some estimate, by 80%!] … it is ALSO believed - by many experts - that it would also help "reverse" our CLIMATE CRISIS!

World authorities have been studying this since 1997 [the famous 'Kyoto Protocol'].

J. Morris Hicks - To see more of what this intelligent, passionate, world visionary teaches us >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Click HERE


Literally trillions of dollars are spent on HEALTH CARE around the world, and so many of these costs could be "eliminated" … plus, we could gradually "heal" water scarcity / pollution / soil erosion / species extinction / global warming / deforestation - and world hunger. Plus, we would all be a healthier, wealthier, happier population -- IF -- we make simple, healthy, inexpensive, changes to our DIET and LIFESTYLE. Plant Rich, Whole Food nutrition is now a "proven" solution - and personally, I see overwhelming  evidence supporting this. >>>>>>>>>>>>> "The first Wealth is Health". (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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