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Wealth and Wellness Strategies for Personal and Financial FREEDOM

We ARE Living in 'PERILOUS' TIMES >> Unprecedented!

People's HEALTH, as well as the ECONOMY >> in Jeopardy.


Thankfully COVID 'has' Eased - but (2) Tough Questions Remain:

Q (#1)  Can we DO Things - to 'Enhance' Our HEALTH & WELLNESS?

Q (#2)  Is it Still POSSIBLE to Achieve 'Greater' FINANCIAL SECURITY?


BUT the ANSWER to Both is, a Resounding YES - "IF" we DO Certain Things.

In Fact - we CAN Get 'MORE Control' over our HEALTH, our FINANCES, & TIME.

And in that Process, we can also SERVE OTHERS ... in a More IMPACTFUL Way. 

If you wish, you can also check out my ... - and -

UP FRONT - We want you to know that our Team’s "whole purpose" in providing this (VirtualWealthPlan) Website / Blog is to present the BIGGER PICTURE - to sincerely help you enjoy more >> EMPOWERMENT - regardless of your occupation, challenges, or present circumstances. We’re not trying to "sell" you anything - or to convince you to "do" something ... we are simply sharing an "amazingly" SIMPLE, but POWERFUL, FORMULA … so that YOU can secure “real” WEALTH and >> TOTAL WELLNESS (physical / mentalfinancial) for yourself and your family. We sincerely hope you’ll be able to ‘study’ the information on this Site - and in our Blog Posts - and that we might be able to "earn" some of your confidence. There is NO charge for this Virtual Wealth Plan info - it is 100% FREE. Thanks.


Maybe you're searching for a way to - attract more associates - finance your children's education - pay off your debts / mortgage - care for aging parents - take the family on a cruise - diversify your income?

OR, you're worried about being laid off, because you know, only too well, there is NO such thing as "job security and/or corporate pension benefits" now?

OR, you're a professional (attorney / realtor / nurse / physician / teacher / dentist / coach) - or a business person - putting in punishing hours, and searching for the right exit strategy from a hectic pursuit?

OR, perhaps you are financially Ok right now, but you feel you're at a roadblock in your career - maybe even burnout - and you are looking for the right solution?


Ann Sieg

Author / Business Coach & CEO, 80/20 Marketing, Inc

Within moments of my first nearly one hour conversation with Peter Arnold we were knitted and bonded.


What I mean by that is rather quickly into that conversation, we moved into the elements of life that matter most…our core values.  

My belief in life and business is that adversity tests our true character and in that spirit I went to Peter after that initial conversation to seek his counsel during a challenging time in my business.  

I knew I could rely on his counsel because within Peter is the strength of humility and meekness.Yes, I say strength because the opposite attitudes of pride and arrogance will not only destroy your business but all those around you.  

I am thankful to Peter for his encouragement and for the modeling of a leader that I aspire to be. It is a privilege to have Peter as a friend.

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