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My name is Peter Arnold. I appreciate sharing my Website / Blog with you.

THANK YOU for your 'leap of faith' in viewing the educational content I've posted here.



About Bios - I guess (self-promotional) bios infer that we're supposed to do a little "bragging" about ourselves - without being arrogant or pompous - so that readers will think we are worth their time. I'm also told that a bio should be written in the "third party" perspective. Well, I hope you'll accept this as being (humbly) written - in the "first person" - by ME! :>)


I currently live in Ajax, Ontario, Canada, where I am (now, a widower), father, brother, uncle, cousin, and grandad (to 4 beautiful granddaughters).

My FAMILY - I have been truly "blessed" with a lovely family - but sadly, my wife passed away in 2022. 

If you'd like to "meet" them >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Click HERE.

Our two sons are each university graduates, with successful careers. I went to school in Dartmouth, NS, and to Dalhousie University, in Halifax, NS. (engineering - 3 yrs).


Estate Planning - Later, I worked as a Trust & Estates Officer there - with both The Canada Permanent Trust Co [now Canada Trust] & Eastern Trust Co (where I met my wife, and best friend, Mary Ann, an RN).

Insurance - Later, we moved to Montreal, where I became the Training Director for an international Insurance & Financial Services organization (Standard Life) in Montreal, and we built a new home in beautiful Beaconsfield, Quebec.


Private Practice - Following that experience in Que (2 yrs), we decided to move back to Halifax, NS - where I opened my own private practice - and for many years, enjoyed a highly successful career, specializing mainly with health professionals (dentists, surgeons, physicians), as well as business owners & entrepreneurs..

ROTATING Home - A few years ago, we joint-ventured with one of our 2 sons, to build Canada's first "round, Rotating Home" (with four [4] high end condos on the main floor, for vacation guests who come from all over the world each year). The [30 ton] steel platform came from Australia, and the circular house component came from North Carolina (Deltec Homes - who have been building [round] 'hurricane resistant' homes for over 47 years). It sits overlooking the blue/green ocean in PEI, with spectacular views, and sounds of the waves. 

SOLAR Boat + Pedal Bikes - He also built, in PEI, Canada's first "Solar Boat + 2 Pedal Bikes" - all of which have proven to be "great" business ventures too.

Have a LOOK - If you wish, you can see the "whole story" on these ventures, with lots of great pics - and links >>>>>> Click HERE.


I've been a Business & Financial Consultant, a Natural Health & Wellness Advocate, and a (part time) Online Entrepreneur for many years. Fortunately, I have been blessed with much success in my own field - but not without some "hiccups" along the way.


Also, I have been involved in the Home Business / Direct Sales / Network Marketing industry for over 30 years (with both successes AND failures!), having been associated with a few programs, companies, and some wonderful business associates.

I have had the privilege of serving on the Board Of Directors of the Home Business industry's professional association for four years (, representing Canada.


I am no different than anyone else who has worked hard to succeed in my profession and businesses. I have had the same "ups & downs" ... the same learning curves ... the same disappointments and frustrations ... the doubters ... the obstacles ... the failures and successes ... many times.


Life happens ... health / legal / family / financial challenges can interrupt our journey ... they certainly did in my career ... with a)- a legal battle that went on for (7) years, ending up in the Supreme Court of Canada, and costing over $1/2 million in legal fees [and almost killing me financially] ... b)- open heart surgery [mitral valve repair - which thankfully, was successful!] ... c)- a cancer scare, many years ago ... and d)- a few other [life-altering] tough experiences.


We (hopefully) learn from our mistakes ... our challenges ... our adversities ... our achievements.

We fight the good fight ... we have faith ... we believe ... we push on. ... we overcome ... we succeed.


Spiritual ... health ... family ... friends ... clients ... associates.


Include good books, (veggie) pizza, red wine, (dark) chocolate, coffee, and all the 'Mission Impossible' and  'James Bond' movies.

KIND COMMENTS - I am extremely grateful for the generous TESTIMONIALS at the bottom of the Home Page! These are dear friends / colleagues / clients / associates that I treasure.


When I ask someone to trust the integrity of some information I might share with them - why "should" they trust me ? After all, they don't know anything about me - what kind of a person I am - any of my background - my qualifications - my ethics - my principles - nothing. It is my sincere hope that I may earn the right to your confidence, over time.



... to help you to truly, 'OWN' YOUR LIFE -- How?


FIRST by showing you how to create more cash flow, and 'multiple streams' of PASSIVE, RECURRING INCOME -- in order to achieve a more secure, happier financial future.

SECOND by sharing with you, ways to greatly enhance your LIFESTYLE - with less stress - greater relaxation, more time & money freedom - and a lot more FUN! :>)

I sincerely believe one of the great missions of every human life is to 'deliver' on the DREAMS that reside in our hearts -- to fulfill our life's purpose -- to leave a legacy that makes the world a better place.

Again, thank you for trusting in me. I promise to do my best to honor that trust, by always delivering professional counsel to my valued friends, associates, and clients.


Warmly / Peter A.

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