Smart Business, Financial & Marketing Strategies to Help YOU achieve Financial Freedom!

( This first Blog Post is a LONG one [on purpose, as it is vital]  :>)

The VIRTUAL WEALTH Lifestyle is NOT about a life that is burdened with excessive materials, luxury toys, junk, and "stuff" ... NO.

Instead, it is a STRESS FREE life, of simple abundance, and balance, and happiness, with more joy and purpose than you might even be able to imagine.


One of the (3) critical components of the Virtual Wealth FORMULA is "Lifestyle Management" ... or Good Management of Personal Finances. Let's explore this ...


Businesses have PROFIT & LOSS reports (also known as “The P&L”).

If "expenses" are greater than the earnings, the business shows a LOSS for the month.

Each month, the expenses - an...

I want to begin this Blog Post by putting you at ease.

In this Blog Post, we're going to look at total DEBT ELIMINATION... one of the vital components of the Virtual Wealth FORMULA , which is ...

[[Passive Income + Financial Management + DEBT ELIMINATION = Virtual Wealth Lifestyle ]]

I realize when it comes to Personal Finance / Business Management /...

TRUTH - The core values of honesty, integrity and "objectivity" - when planning for your own financial future - and searching for financial advice - are absolutely paramount, in these tough economic times.

It is my personal belief that unfortunately, most financial "advice" given today is not only UNobjective - but also, severely "biased". This is n...

Question - What do Apple Computer, Hershey's, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and the Ford Motor Company all have in common?

Answer - These well-known corporations all started out as "Home-Based Businesses". In fact, more than half of all U.S. businesses alone, are based out of an owner's home.

Starting, and managing,  a Home-Based Business (or side-biz) has man...

Here, we will explore a (2-STEP) way for you to create a rock-solid foundation for your future financial security and time freedom ... regardless of your / career / business / profession.

In addition to managing your personal finances wisely, these 2-Steps will, for one thing, provide an immediate improvement in your lifestyle (as opposed to the fat...

Note: This Blog Post addresses an important part of the Virtual Wealth FORMULA (as seen elsewhere on this site). Like the (long) Blog Post I did on NETWORK Marketing ... this one gives an "in depth" look at ATTRACTION Marketing ... and the two together, provide the ultimate strategy for generating Online, Recurring, Passive Income streams.

In STEP-1...

(Best Strategies for Achieving CASH FLOW Prosperity)


In this special Blog Post ... I want to "tie together", the information in STEP-1 (Blog #6) ... and in STEP-2 (Blog #7).


(1) What is true Financial WELLNESS?

(2) In a tough economy, how DO we achieve real PROSPERITY?

As a Financial Advisor and a Business Cons...

As more is discussed about the proven Virtual Wealth FORMULA ... which can lead to the coveted Virtual Wealth LIFESTYLE ... it might be good to "pause" for moment, and take a sober reflection about our actual "personal relationship" with MONEY ...

In my practice as a Business & Financial Consultant over the years, I have witnessed so many heated "lo...

Note: The Virtual Wealth FORMULA (as explained in many of the other Blog Posts here) ... is perfectly fine, just as it is. It "works" - and works well ... it WILL enable you to achieve the Virtual Wealth LIFESTYLE (with multiple streams of recurring, PASSIVE INCOME, via Online Business ownership, and smart Attraction Marketing strategies.

However, i...

(Often, the MISSING LINK in the Quest for FINANCIAL FREEDOM!)​


This website, and many of its Blog Posts, are pretty much centered around achieving a Virtual Wealth LIFESTYLE.

This is accomplished by following the Virtual Wealth FORMULA ... to become a CASH FLOW Millionaire ... with multiple streams of recurring, Online...

How many times have you heard that you “have” to do this or that to succeed online?

You have to have a LIST ... You have to have a BLOG ... You must be on FACEBOOK ... You have to OUTSOURCE ... You have to PAY YOUR DUES ... You have to WORK LIKE A DOG ... etc?

Q: Do you really HAVE to do any of these things? A: NO - of course not!

But - if you truly w...

------------ // ------------

A: Your eMAIL LIST -- Your CONTACTS -- Your LEADS!

A vital component of the Virtual Wealth FORMULA is ... having your "own" L-I-S-T. It is by far, the most important ASSET on your (Online Business) Financial Balance Sheet.

We have all see the phrase -- “the fortune is in the L-I-S-T”.  Of equal importance is this phrase .....

------------ // ------------

The subject of LEADERSHIP is a vast one - there are many different opinions about it - much has been written about it (Dr. John Maxwell is one of my favorite authors on this).

Personally, I tend to see LEADERSHIP along these lines...

Leadership - is our ability to "persuade others to do what they don’t want to do, in order...

Although this Website / Blog focuses on the VIRTUAL WEALTH Formula (and Lifestyle), can we really have WEALTH - without having good HEALTH? The answer is NO - in fact, our "greatest" Wealth IS our HEALTH!

------------ // ------------

Let's face it - our H-E-A-L-T-H (and the health of our loved ones) is our most precious asset on planet earth. Absolut...

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