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Network [InterNetwork] Marketing - Helpful TOOLS

As good as any TOP COMPANY might be - it must also have high quality PRODUCTS / SERVICES - and be a good OPPORTUNITY (which will include - the compensation plan - the team - training - tools - resources - marketing education,

etc). Like it or not, these three (3) necessities - the company + the products + the opportunity -- they almost never "coincide" with each other, all in O-N-E company.

Note - As well, I coach associates that their business will work best when it is "combined" (at some point) with a few OTHER important tools -- especially if they can only build it part- time (like me).

Together, such tools will help them (you) to SELF BRAND, plus - build a LIST (your biggest single business 'asset') - giving you a Win-Win for business success.

Without going into great detail here, such tools would be ... a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System, and/or Contact Manager) ... Lead Capture Pages ... a top Attraction Marketing System ... an A/R (Autoresponder) ... a good Hosting Program ... a Facebook (Profile) Page ... and a BLOG.

These tools could all be considered over time, later, depending entirely on how you decide to operate your business.

All-In-One - Very often, ALL of these tools can be had in just ONE single Online Marketing System, and at a very reasonable investment (such as I personally have - in STEP #2).

Network Marketing Itself = (1) TOOL Only

My own strong counsel on this, as a professional ... do not treat your Network (InterNetwork) Marketing business as your "primary identity"  ... OR ... as an "end in itself".  It should not be your ONLY income source ... otherwise - just like the self-employed, and employees - you will be "trading hours for dollars" (time for money) - you will become too vulnerable, financially.

Instead, it should be considered "[an important!] part of  your overall [YOU, Inc] Business Enterprise" - as a "means to an end" - one that enables you to build yourself a strong cash flow (Passive Income), a solid net worth, and real wealth, over time (see the Virtual Wealth FORMULA elsewhere on this site).

Again, I strongly recommend that people not put 'all their eggs into (1) basket' - it is just too risky - especially in these times. To do so could simply be a recipe for financial disaster.


It is extremely difficult to evaluate, and select, a TOP company, for the vast majority of people. I've seen many families go into emotional chaos, and financial ruin, because they did not do their homework properly, and thus, chose the "wrong" company.

WHY? Well, because it was either a start-up company [where the failure rate is 95%] - or it was under capitalized - or it had weak management teams - or it changed its vision [and/or its pay plan] - or it was shut down by the FDA or FTC - or it had terminated associates, due to its [ugly] legal contract [the Policies &Procedures - P&Ps] - or whatever.


(Note: I have written extensive eReports about this (including my own '10-STEP ACID TEST'), and I've designed an in-depth CHECKLIST for selecting a TOP [Network Marketing] Home Business - company / products / opportunity).



This Blog Post looked at the concept of utilizing a Home [Side] Business, with STEP-1 being the use of a TOP quality (global) Network [InterNetwork] Marketing business model to produce multiple streams of Online, Recurring, PASSIVE INCOME - the 'most vital' of the (3) components in the Virtual Wealth FORMULA (found elsewhere on this site).

In another Blog Post, we will examine STEP-2 ... the use of a TOP quality ATTRACTION MARKETING System - to provide the cutting-edge Internet TRAINING required for success.

Together, these tools make the "perfect combination" to give YOU the resources needed to enjoy more SUCCESS, CONTROL & HAPPINESS in your future >>>  to OWN YOUR LIFE.

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