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Smart Business, Financial & Marketing Strategies to Help YOU achieve Financial Freedom!

(1) Your Online Home Business

(2) Your Online Attraction Marketing System(s)

(3) Your B-L-O-G (it becomes your "central business hub")


These three (3) components all work "in harmony" to build your (targeted) LEAD LIST (the circle in the center of the Triangle) ... and this becomes your most prized "business ASSET"). it's a synergy that has been proven, over and over again, by top marketers / entrepreneurs / business leaders all around the world. Let's look at each part briefly ...

1) Online Home Business - If this is a Network Marketing business - then, in addition to the possible risks mentioned above - you receive a 'Replicated Site' from your company, to showcase them, and their products / services, which is fine.

But even if it's a beautiful looking site ... it (most often) does not give you any chance to "brand" YOU (they want you to brand "themselves", and their "products / services", naturally! :>)

Further, there's (most often) "no optin" place (for you to capture a prospect's info., or to personally follow-up with them). As well, Search Engines generally do "not recognize" Replicated Websties, so they do not benefit from SEO  (Search Engine Optimization). In summary, these websites have their limitations, compared to you owning and controlling your OWN Site / Blog (see below).

2) Online Attraction Marketing System(s) - This component (if you select it wisely) will not only provide you with exceptional EDUCATION in Online Marketing + TRAINING + SUPPORT - it will help you "monitize" the 95% who will NOT be interested in your products / services / biz opp ... thus, bringing in additional income streams to you (often, very substantial ones)!

Some Online Attraction Marketing Systems will include a number of "extras" - such as an Autoresponder (A/R) - a Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) - Marketing Funnels - Lead Magnet Capture Pages, etc. The ones we use fit this profile.

3) Your BLOG - This component is a "new addition" to the Virtual Wealth Formula. It doesn't need to be elaborate - nor does it need to be an immediate addition - however, it does need to be a place where people can find you Online ... to

Your BLOG becomes a place where people begin to know / like / trust you ... where you start to earn credibility, and the "right" to their confidence in you. It is where you separate yourself from the rest of the crowd (it becomes your USP [Unique Selling Proposition] ... your BRAND). Here, you can authentically EDUCATE your visitors with continuing high value "content" ... up front ... with no hidden agenda ... which they will quickly recognize - and they will soon begin to reach out to YOU ... meaning, the beginning of your LIST.

Blogs = More Income Streams - Another nice thing about having a Blog is ... you can "monitize" it. By adding a few Affiliate Images (with hyperlinks), viewers can click on them, to learn more, and if they should purchase any of the products or services representesd ... and BINGO! ... you just created more cash flow! You can monitize it in other ways too ... such as with Adsense / Amazon books & products / offering coaching, webinars, your "own" products & services.

Two (2) things to keep in mind about having your own Website / Blog ...

a) AutoResponder (A/R): Along with a Blog ... in time, you may want to have your "own" AUTORESPONDER (like Aweber / GetResponse, etc) too ... to keep in touch with, and cultivate a "trusting RELATIONSHIP" with, your prospects / subscribers / customers / clients. Often, an A/R comes "included" with a good Online Attraction Marketing System (as does a Customer Relationship Manager [CRM]) System. This is the case with the one we recommend.

b) BUILDING Your Site / Blog - It's very simple (and inexpensive!) to build your own Site / Blog (or to have it built for you) ... is one of the most popular ways to do this ... although I personally selected for mine (the one you're on right now) - after studying at length, this (huge) Resource about Websites / Blogs => Click Here.

Note that each of the (3) parts are "connected" by a straight line (with "arrows" at each end). This is because, for example, people might be looking at your Online Home Biz, or your products / services, but they decide they are not interested ... so, they go to your Online Attraction Marketing System(s).

OR, they might first, be looking at your Online Attraction Marketing System(s).

OR, they might first, be looking at your Online Attraction Marketing System(s) ... but, because they don't have an Online Home BIZ of their own (or they're unhappy with theirs), they decide to take a look at what you are building.

Your eMail LIST - In the "middle" of all this is your primary Online Business A-S-S-E-T -your OWN eMail Marketing "Lead LIST" (see in center of the Triangle) ... with each of the (3) outer components "feeding into" it ... growing it ... nurturing it ... while protecting you ... profiting you ... empowering you!

Your ASSET - Your "primary" Business Asset is NOT your Online Home Business (as those can come and go) ... nor is it your Online Attraction Marketing System(s) ... nor is it your Blog ... NO, your primary Business Asset is ... your eMail LEAD L-I-S-T ... and it always will be ... even though right now, it might be small (or non-existent).

Your BLOG - Yes, this "addition" to the Virtual Wealth Formula is a KEY player in you having a world class eMail LIST ... largely because it can BRAND YOU - appropriately.

Your BONUS - And what's so good about this TRIANGLE concept is ... these targeted LEADS can come into your Online Funnel ... driving quality TRAFFIC ... from any, or all, of the (3) outer Triangle components ... to keep expanding that eMail L-I-S-T for you ... and our Team teaches this, each step of the way. :>)

REMINDER:  It is still of critical importance to maintain your vigilance with GOOD FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT practices, and Personal (non-tax-deductible) DEBT ELIMINATION! The same goes for maintaining a WEALTH MINDSET (discussed in another Blog Post here).

These principles stay exactly the same in the Virtual Wealth Formula [version #2] that is  being discussed in this Blog Post. Nothing changes - nada - zero - zip! There simply was not enough "room" in the diagram space to fit these two KEY fundamentals in! :>)

Virtual Wealth FORMULA => Version (#2)

(Putting the Virtual Wealth Formula ====> on STEROIDS!)

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