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Smart Business, Financial & Marketing Strategies to Help YOU achieve Financial Freedom!

It's NEW - Consequently, a Virtual Wealth member is a CASH FLOW recipient - as opposed to the usual ASSET millionaires. Virtual Wealth status is far more rewarding, yet much easier to achieve, than traditional ASSET wealth.

The Virtual Wealth Lifestyle provides an exceptional quality of life TODAY - not delayed for decades. Yet, it produces total financial security SO much faster (and safer) than in what the Financial Services industry preaches (OLD school)  - and with far less stress and risk.

This NEW approach to creating Financial Freedom has breathtaking POWER. It's much  faster, safer, more enjoyable - and more importantly, it provides for you an IMMEDIATE improvement in your lifestyle, as opposed to the fatally flawed, traditional - "work, save and invest for 40 years" approach.

BROKEN - What is wrong with the OLD 40-year approach to financial security?  Well, one of the biggest single indicators that the OLD way no longer works is this ... financial pundits are now telling us to expect to work well into our seventies,

and possibly our eighties (if we make it that long)!

REALITY - Carefully consider the following statistics. It seems that many of us have been guilty of insanity - doing the same thing, over and over again - yet expecting a different result. Think about these grim statistics ...

-- The average 50-year old North American has no more than a mere $42,797 saved up for their future years of retirement

-- 45% of North Americans have saved nothing for retirement,

including 40% of Baby Boomers ... and the "time" factor alone, works against them

-- 38% of North Americans do not actively save for retirement at all (it's difficult to!)

-- 20% of North Americans tap into their 401(k) / RRSP assets early, either through a loan or withdrawal of funds

-- 80% of North Americans between the ages of 30 and 54 believe they will not have enough saved for retirement

-- 36% of North American adults, over 65 are completely dependent on Social Security

-- 63% of North Americans are partly dependent on Social Security, relatives, friends, or charity, at age 65

At the heart of the problem is...  our jobs or businesses produce non-recurring income.

This serious limitation forces everyone to have to invest, so someday, hopefully, they will be able to stop working and live off their investments.

Unfortunately, jobs no longer offer long-term income security, making it difficult to stick to a long-range investment plan. Businesses and professional too, have their limitations.

Many find it too difficult to even start investing, which has frightening consequences, unless you choose the Virtual Wealth Formula.

Among those that do start investing, most have their investment plans "interrupted" by life’s unfortunate surprises.

The OLD "40-year" approach sadly forces us to sacrifice quality of life today - for the 'possibility' of a better life - many years down the road.

Psychologically, that simply sets us up for failure. For most, that is just “a bridge too far”. It is so far out into the future that we are either tricked into thinking we have plenty of time, or that the sacrifice hardly seems worth it.

Of those that do invest, most still have too much consumer DEBT. Consequently, they can NOT deduct the interest they pay, for tax purposes, yet the interest earned on their (risk) investments will be fully taxed - either immediately, or later.

The power of compounding interest is working against you.


The OLD traditional approach is actually very WEAK, and will ONLY work for those rare few that are fortunate enough to see it through for decades - without life getting in the way.

WE Can Help - But even for those folks, the Virtual Wealth concept is a far superior approach ... WHY?

The single most important advantage of the Virtual Wealth Formula is ... it is THE ONLY WAY I (we) have found, after

decades of searching, that can help people to achieve total Financial Freedom - and much faster than normal.

The Virtual Wealth Lifestyle is a dramatically more powerful life. You become empowered to "reverse" all those forces that currently work against you….. such as TIME – TAXES – INTEREST – PEOPLE  and GEOGRAPHICAL LIMITATION.

The Virtual Wealth Lifestyle actually forces all of those powers to work FOR you.

The Virtual Wealth Lifestyle creates MORE spendable income - TODAY - in two ways:


We focus on creating more (passive, recurring) income - CASH FLOW - outside of our normal jobs / positions / businesses / professions.


We DO NOT invest part of those earnings. Instead, we use some of our EXTRA income to wipe out all DEBT, very quickly.

However, we still have "more spendable income" for today, not less, as with the OLD (broken) approach.

The Virtual Wealth Lifestyle doesn’t just create "more income" today - it creates "passive, recurring income for" today -- and tomorrow. After all, besides good health -- passive, recurring income is the ultimate objective for a lifetime of FINANCIAL FREEDOM and HAPPINESS.

When you pursue the Virtual Wealth Lifestyle, you belong to a community of like-minded men and women - just like you - from all over the world.

You become part of a brotherhood and a sisterhood that is "connected" by like-minded  individuals ... and by technology, like Skype, Social Media, and the whole Virtual Wealth Team. You will NEVER be alone ... there will always be others to share this exciting journey with you, on our Team.

Perhaps the most important reason to pursue the Virtual Wealth Lifestyle is - you can share it with all those you love and care about. And, you can make a real difference in the lives of many others you will encounter on your exciting new journey.

You will not only have more money than you need, but you will have the most precious treasure of all – FREE TIME ... TIME to spend with those you love ... TIME to spend pursuing your life’s purpose.

Our passionate purpose is NOT to help make you WEALTHY - but instead, to help make you RICH with life’s "real" treasures.

No matter how old you are, if you still have a passion for life, pursuing the Virtual Wealth Lifestyle will prove priceless to you, and those you share it with.

This is the only REAL solution to financial security and empowerment I have ever found.

You can do this. And I am (we are) here to help you. We do not need anything from you. You do not have to buy anything ... or join me in anything I am doing. Yes, we have the resources & tools to help you "execute" this ... but our Virtual Wealth FORMULA alone, can help you, and others, succeed.

My (our) passionate purpose here ... is NOT to help make you WEALTHY ... instead, it is to help make you R--I--C--H ... with peace / purpose / empowerment.

It is to truly, help you achieve success / peak financial health / enjoyment / happiness in life ... to enjoy life’s REAL treasures

No matter how young or old you are ... if you still have a passion for life, pursuing the VIRTUAL WEALTH LIFESTYLE will prove priceless to you and those you share it with.

ISOLATED TECHNIQUE - We urge you to "stay away" from what most recommend ... i.e. - that you "try this idea" - or "try that idea" ... in isolation (do Webinars / Facebook Ads / etc) ... hoping to achieve the success you want. This almost never works. You will only end up frustrated, and discouraged (and paying far too much)!

INTEGRATED Approach - What our Team has designed is a smart "combination" of the right tools / resources / programs ... in the right "sequence". It is a properly "integrated" approach that will serve you well.

It provides you a "balanced" life, but with the Financial Prosperity to "thrive" personally, while also enabling you to give generously to the people and causes you care about.

And, our Team is here to HELP you. Naturally, we hope you will join our TEAM on this exciting journey ... called The Virtual Wealth LIFESTYLE ... because there is nothing else like it! :>)

Thanks for reading this first (long) Blog Post ... I wanted it to "set the stage" for what is to follow ... as you begin to appreciate exactly HOW this Virtual Wealth Lifestyle works.

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